About Me

After 15 years in the Marketing Communications field in the areas of strategic planning, market research, and advertising, I started the home decorating blog, A Pop of Pretty, on a whim. While on maternity leave with twins (and a Kindergartener), I decided that starting a blog about home decorating might be a fun way to indulge my lifelong passion for decorating.  (Oh, ya know, because I had so much extra time on my hands back then.  Stick around – you’ll learn I’m crazy like that!)

I’ve always been a ‘crafty type’, and a decorating-obsessed lover of pretty homes. Since I also love to write and take pictures, it seemed like a natural fit! Not only did I love it, I truly credit this blog with keeping me sane during those early sleep-deprived, twin baby months!

Much to my surprise, I survived twin babyhood…and…that little blog I started on a whim is still growing 3 years later. {You can find out about my blogging journey to date by clicking here.} What started out as a hobby has blossomed into some amazing opportunities in the area of home decor and home styling.

Over the past few years, A Pop of Pretty has been featured on well-known online media like Better Homes & Gardens.com, Canadian House & Home.com, HGTV.com, Apartment Therapy.com, and the international Etsy.com blog. It was also voted a Top 10 Canadian Blog in the 2013 Madein Blog Awards.

I’ve also had the opportunity to partner with great brands like Canadian Tire, Future Shop / Best Buy, Posterjack, Krylon, Weldbond, Electrolux, Etsy (and more) for things like product reviews, article contributions, photography, and concept work.  In addition, for the past two years, I’ve traveled to Atlanta to attend Haven Conference to network with other bloggers and with brands focused on diy and home decor. And, in 2013, my sister and I partnered to take on home styling projects in our local area.  Overall, it’s been a fun and unexpected ride!

If I’m not here blogging, you can usually find me at the kitchen island, making pb&j sandwiches or scraping Crayola paint off the counter.  Needless to say, with 4-year old twin boys, my toss pillows aren’t always perfectly pouffed – or even always on the sofa, for that matter!  Our glass doors always have little handprints.  And, most days, the laundry is piled higher than my front-loader. But, I’m out to prove that a pretty home is still possible in a house filled with kids and chaos (even if it kills me!).

Spring 2012 boys collage




You just have to change your perspective a little.  My idea of what makes a ‘pretty’ home has changed over the past few years. Where it once meant shiny clean floors and neatly styled bookcases, now it means decorating in a way that makes my kids smile; with things like an alphabet wall, a Dr. Seuss-inspired Christmas tree, a sunshine-inspired foyer, and bright pops of color in every room.

I love cheerful pops of color and  whimsical statement pieces against neutral walls, and furniture with clean lines. Mix in some chippy furniture and French-inspired accessories like a crystal chandelier, vintage sign or chalkboard, and you’ve got my definition of perfection!

I like to think I’m pretty frugal when it comes to decorating. [I can hear my husband snickering, lol.] OK, I’ll admit, I do like to splurge now and again.  I think a great room is all about striking the perfect High-Low balance. Put it this way; if I can buy it at HomeSense (Canadian) or Target or make it myself, I’m 100% for it.  But if I can’t, I’m not averse to going the Pottery Barn route!

If you like these kinds of things too, then maybe you’ll like hanging out around here as much as I do. I hope you’ll pop by now and again, and maybe find your own spark of inspiration along the way!