25 DIY Wall Art Ideas {While You Save for the Mona Lisa}

When I first did a round up of  10 DIY Wall Art Ideas last year, I was amazed at how many of you out there were as interested as I am in creating wall art yourself (without being an artist). Since then, I’ve completed more of my own  wall decor projects, and I also did a whole series on the topic of DIY Wall Art Ideas back in October 2012 as part of Nester’s annual “31 Days” party .  So if your Christmas and holiday decor is now put away, and you are staring at a few blank walls, you might be interested in this new round-up of more than 25 diy wall decor ideas, which draws on all of my related blog posts in 2012.

25 DIY Wall Art Ideas

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Just Decoupage It! {Two fun Mod Podge DIY wall decor ideas for kids rooms!}

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long in my 31 25 DIY Wall Art Ideas Series to talk about Mod Podge!  I was reminded of how great decoupage is for wall art projects when I was flipping through this magazine (Better Homes & Gardens Makeover Style) over the weekend and saw this fab living room wall art project.  (Note: This is not a sponsored post.)

decoupage living room wall art

The sea theme reminded me of my Pottery Barn Kids ‘Surf Plaque’ Knock Off Project  from a year and a half ago. For that project, I also used die cut sea creature shapes (cut from my Silhouette) and Mod Podge to create wall art for my kids’ playroom.  You can find the tutorial by clicking here.

mod podge wall art

mod podge wall decor

I also used Mod Podge to create this ‘READ’ gallery wall for my daughter’s bedroom …{READ MORE}

Map Art and Mini-Masterpieces {Plus, in other news: 25 is the new 31!}

Have you noticed? Yup. I’ve fallen behind in this 31 Days of DIY Wall Art project. In my defense, I did warn you, lol.  I really thought I could stay on top of posting every day for the month of October, but I’m realizing that I bit off more than I can chew.

So, I’m gonna put up the white flag, and state the obvious: I probably won’t get all the way to 31 DIY Wall Art Ideas before Halloween. I know, I know – I can hear the earth shattering beneath my feet :-). Instead, I’m now setting a more realistic goal of 25 Ideas. That’s a nice round number, don’t ya think?!?

Here’s two more diy wall decor ideas that I’ve talked about here before, and still LOVE.

Idea #21: Decorating with Maps

Decorating with maps has definitely been on trend over the past year or two, and I’m still smitten. There’s just something about a huge wall map – or a gallery wall of framed maps – that strikes all the right notes for me.

It’s a great way to add some visual interest in a child’s room or nursery.

Source and photo credits: Sissy & Marley via Apartment Therapy


DIY Abstract Art (via Centsational Girl)

Did you catch Centsational Girl’s post yesterday on how to create digital abstract art?  This striking diy wall art idea is one you have to see to believe!  Hop on over to Centsational Girl: Creating Digital Abstract Art and find out how to make this gorgeous art for yourself.

I’m including Kate’s fab idea as #20 in my ever-growing “31 Days of DIY Wall Art” Series.

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Elephants, spiders and the ’80s: DIY Wall Idea #19!

Shortly after the sheer panic of finding out I was having twins (who are now 3…as in 3 years old, not triplets, lol ) had subsided, a song that I heard as a child in the early ’80s kept popping into my head. It’s was the theme song to ‘The Elephant Show’ which aired on the CBC (I think?),and was hosted by famed Canadian children’s trio Sharon, Lois and Bram:

“One elephant went out to play,

Upon a spider’s web one day.

He had such enormous fun,

That he called for another elephant to come.”

(Yup, peeps, pregnancy messes with your head.)

Well, I thought the song was perfect for twins, and since it had some nostalgic attachment for me, my pregnant mind decided that I really wanted to put it on the wall in their nursery.

However, the likelihood that this wall quote already existed as a stocked item was pretty much zilch.  I couldn’t imagine that any companies out there specializing in vinyl wall quotes had manufactured one based on a verse in a Canadian song that I’d listened to in the ’80s!

Wall quote twin toddler room

But, still I was determined to have it! (Hormonal, pregnant women are like that, teehee.)

So I investigated options for creating a customized wall quoteAt the time…{READ MORE}

Wall Art from Paint Chips!

I’m not sure it’s a good thing that this 31 Days of Do-It-Yourself Wall Art Series is feeding my craft and decor addiction!  For a wall art fanatic like me, it’s gonna take a whole lot of self-discipline not to dive into a bunch of these projects.  I love them all.  But, sadly, I have limited wall space available for any more art (darn open concept!)  Tonight’s idea isn’t helping matters any!

Have you ever thought of creating wall art from paint chips? Well, if not, you’ll find boatloads of inspiration out there in cyberspace.  Just Google it and you’ll see!  The great thing about paint chips is that they often contain graduated shades of the same color. With just a few different paint chips, you can create a beautifully color-coordinated piece of art.  (Plus, it’s great to re-use / re-purpose something you might otherwise toss.)

Art from paint chips

Photo credits – including the featured image – to Spunky Junky

via source Lovestitched

I’ve seen paint chips used in a bunch of different ways for wall art.  Sometimes whole paint chips are used, and other times, the chips are arranged… {READ MORE}