25 DIY Wall Art Ideas {While You Save for the Mona Lisa}

DIY wall art is a great way to spruce up your home without breaking the bank. I first posted 10 DIY Wall Art Ideas last year for those of you interested in creating wall art yourself (without being an artist). Since then, I’ve completed more diy wall decor projects.  I also did a whole series on DIY Wall Art Ideas back in October 2012 as part of Nester’s annual “31 Days” party . … Keep on reading —>

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Just Decoupage It! {Two fun Mod Podge DIY wall decor ideas for kids rooms!}

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long in my 31 25 DIY Wall Art Ideas Series to talk about Mod Podge!  I was reminded of how great decoupage is for wall art projects when I was flipping through this magazine (Better Homes & Gardens Makeover Style) over the weekend and saw this fab living room wall art project. … Keep on reading —>

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Map Art and Mini-Masterpieces {Plus, in other news: 25 is the new 31!}

Have you noticed? Yup. I’ve fallen behind in this 31 Days of DIY Wall Art project. In my defense, I did warn you, lol.  I really thought I could stay on top of posting every day for the month of October, but I’m realizing that I bit off more than I can chew. So, I’m gonna put up the white flag, and state the obvious: I probably won’t get all the way to 31 DIY Wall Art Ideas before Halloween.… Keep on reading —>

DIY Abstract Art (via Centsational Girl)

Did you catch Centsational Girl’s post yesterday on how she created abstract art using a simple digital painting tool?  Her striking diy wall art idea is one you have to see to believe!  Hop on over to Centsational Girl: Creating Digital Abstract Art and find out how to make this gorgeous art for yourself.

I’m including Kate’s fab idea as #20 in my 31 Days of DIY Wall Art Series.… Keep on reading —>

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Elephants, spiders and the ’80s: DIY Wall Idea #19!

Shortly after the sheer panic of finding out I was having twins (who are now 3…as in 3 years old, not triplets, lol ) had subsided, a song that I heard as a child in the early ’80s kept popping into my head. It  was the theme song to ‘The Elephant Show’ which aired on the CBC (I think?),and was hosted by famed Canadian children’s trio Sharon, Lois and Bram:

“One elephant went out to play,

Upon a spider’s web one day.Keep on reading —>

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Wall Art from Paint Chips!

I’m not sure it’s a good thing that this 31 Days of Do-It-Yourself Wall Art Series is feeding my craft and decor addiction!  For a wall art fanatic like me, it’s gonna take a whole lot of self-discipline not to dive into a bunch of these projects.  I love them all.  But, sadly, I have limited wall space available for any more art (darn open concept!)  Tonight’s idea isn’t helping matters any!… Keep on reading —>

A tisket, a tasket, it’s time to hang a basket! (DIY Wall Art Idea #17)

When I first  saw a post by Melissa at the Inspired Room on how she used baskets as wall art on the entry wall of her craftsman-inspired home, I think I might have drooled a little (or, a lot).  I LOVE Melissa’s style, and this wall is one of my favorite spaces in her home. Truthfully, I’d never really thought of hanging baskets on a wall, but when I saw this photo of her’s, I wondered why it wasn’t a more obvious choice for wall decor. … Keep on reading —>

Our Halloween Front Porch {Giant Glittery “Boo” Letters & Ghostly Urns}

It’s Friday (insert happy dance) and I need a change of pace.  So, I’m interrupting my regularly scheduled 31 Days of Do-It-Yourself Wall Art programming to bring you… drumroll…

Halloween on our front porch…

Halloween decorating front porch

Because two of our kids are still teeny-weenies, I went with kid-friendly whimsical Halloween decor outside  just like I did with my Halloween mantel, which I talked a bit about last week.… Keep on reading —>

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This DIY Wall Art Idea is Really ‘Over My Head’! (Idea #16)

Are you on Pinterest like me?  If so, you’ll understand what I mean when I say I had a “Pinterest moment”when I first spotted this creative wall art idea in my pin feed earlier this year.  I wished I’d thought of it before filling my walls with all sorts of other things! Now I’ve got wall envy, and that never ends well!… Keep on reading —>

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