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DIY Abstract Art (via Centsational Girl)

Did you catch Centsational Girl’s post yesterday on how she created abstract art using a simple digital painting tool?  Her striking diy wall art idea is one you have to see to believe!  Hop on over to Centsational Girl: Creating Digital Abstract Art and find out how to make this gorgeous art for yourself.

I’m including Kate’s fab idea as #20 in my 31 Days of DIY Wall Art Series.

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  1. says


    I just love your blog! I love your 31, wait 25 :)), days of DIY wall decor! I am so obsessed with reading home decor blogs that I was inspired to start my own. It is just a tiny little thing, but blogs like yours are my inspiration. I hope it will grow and grow. Can’t wait to see what more you have in store!!

    • says

      Oh my gosh, what a sweet comment Nicki! I truly appreciate it when people like you take the time to leave a comment. Best of luck with your new blog…so exciting! ~Kerri

  2. Centsational Girl says

    Thanks so much Kerri, you’re so sweet! It’s easy and fun once you get the hange of it and any color works! xo

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