Owl decor

Owl-tastic Christmas Decorations (Collecting Owls for the Christmas Tree)

This year our Christmas tree has a definite woodland feel to it.  I didn’t plan it that way, even though woodland-themed Christmas trees seem to be on trend this year.

Woodland Christmas tree

There’s a few acorns here and there, but I think the woodsy feel comes from all the owls.  I’ve have a thing for owls.  Have I mentioned it before 😉?


I started collecting owl Christmas ornaments a couple of years ago. I think it’s kinda fun to collect something special for your tree each year. The owls are my favorite ornaments on the tree.

Owl Christmas Decorations





(Source: Chapters / Indigo (Canada))

(Yes, this little guy needs a photo…)


(Source: Pier One)

DSC_0685     (Source: Chapters / Indigo (Canada))

Owl Christmas Ornament

White owl decor

Mercury glass owl decoration

The other day, I noticed that my blogging friend, Beth, also has lots of owls on her tree this year. I love how simple her tree is compared with ours!  I think I might take a page from her rulebook next year! You can see it on her holiday home tour; it’s fab!

Do you collect anything special for your Christmas tree?

My question is, at what point does a ‘collection’ become an obsession – or does it even matter, lol?

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