10 Favorite Winter Products {aka A Canadian Girl’s Guide to Winter}

So have you have enough of Winter – or should I say, the Polar Vortex – yet?!?

Winter in Canada

One of our snow angels, at 16 months.

It even got frosty in the southern United States this winter – crazy stuff.  Here in Canada, I’m used to freezing temperatures and snow this time of year.  But the Polar Vortex has made for an even colder Winter than usual.

I wish I could say that I enjoy Winter, but this Canadian is not a Winter girl. I need a little motivation to get through the first few months of the year. So I thought I’d share my 10 favourite / favorite Winter products that make the cold more tolerable around here.  (Note: I’m not being paid to endorse them; I just love them.)

10 Winter favorite products

10 Favorite Winter Products…


1. Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf

 favorite Winter productsLululemon Vinyasa Scarf

This Lululemon scarf is definitely a favorite Winter product, and it’s one of my best purchases EVER.  I wear it year-round, but during Winter it’s especially awesome.  Even though it’s thin (lulu yoga pant fabric), it’s surprisingly warm. A wool scarf  is great when you out in the freezing cold, but as soon as you step indoors, it can feel like a furnace. With this one, you can do errands without getting overheated. Also, you can wear the Vinyasa scarf at least 10 different ways, so it helps even the most basic outfit feel put together.

2. Boots: Bogs (Plimsoll)

If there’s anything worse than a too-hot scarf when you’re running errands, it’s too-hot boots! (And by ‘too hot’ I mean too warm-hot, not too stylin’-hot!) Personally, I love Bogs. They’re pretty much a Winter staple in these parts. I’ve bought them for me and for our kids for years. They’re waterproof and they keep your feet dry,  while still looking relatively fashionable.  {OK, I concede – scratch ‘fashionable’ and insert ‘cute’!}  favorite Winter products Bogs Plimsoll

3. Stila Color Balm Lipstick

I’m willing to admit it: I’m a lipstick snob. My lips get dry with (most) cheaper brands – especially in Winter – so I’ve tried several premium ones over the years. The Stila Color Balm moisturizing ones are my fave.

Stila Color Balm Lipstick

4. Clinique Turnaround Concentrate & Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

Sure, Winter gives you rosy cheeks, but it can also dull your complexion. Clinique’s Turnaround Concentrate is a favorite Winter product because it helps my complexion look better this time of year. It’s a ‘fast acting exfoliating serum’ that I use with Clinique’s Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief gel moisturizer.

 favorite Winter products Clinique


5. Nikon 50mm Lens

In the Winter months, I’m indoors with the kids most days.  This 50mm (‘portrait’) lens is perfect for getting fab up-close shots of them. Once summer hits, it’s less useful since the kids are outside running away from me! You can set your aperture as low as 1.8 for a great depth of focus (blurred background).  I cannot tell you how much I love this lens. It makes me feel like a better photographer than I actually am.

6. Downton Abbey.

 favorite Winter products - Downton Abbey
OK, so it’s not technically a favorite Winter product. You can watch Downton Abbey any time of year! (Just download it.) But Winter’s when I get my fix.  I watched the first 3 seasons of Downton Abbey, marathon-style, last Winter.  And, with Season 4 airing now on PBS, it’s a nice distraction from the cold. If you haven’t started watching yet, go and download all 3 of the first seasons, and watch it marathon style! (Photo source: PBS)


 7.  Body Shop Shea Body Butter

Body Shop Shea Body Butter was a daily staple while I was pregnant with twins (as it helps prevent stretch marks), and now it’s one of my favorite Winter products. I use it every day.  I have dry skin so I’ve tried lots of different moisturizers over the years, and this is still my absolute fave.

 favorite Winter products The Body Shop Cocoa Body Butter

8. A warm, plush throw.

No list of favorite Winter products would be complete without a warm throw. I’m coo-koo for this one from Chapters-Indigo. It’s sooooo soft. It sold out during the holidays, but I read on their web site that they are bringing it back!

 favorite Winter products plush blanket

9. NuNuuk Slippers

These NuNuuk sheepskin slippers are da bomb. I’ve had them for years, and I seriously can’t live without them on cold days. In Canada, you can buy them at Costco (not sure about the US?). They are an absolute steal compared to brands like Uggs.

nunuuk best slippers

(P.S. It’s moments like these, when I’m debating what settings to use to take a photo of my feet in my worn out slippers, that I know I TRULY need to get out more. ;-))

10. Starbucks ‘Grande’                                     .

Fill in anything.  Enough said!


So, how are you making Winter more tolerable?  Do you having any favorite Winter products? Do tell!

Until next time, stay warm.



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