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Birthday Ideas: Fun ‘Art Theme’ Party for Girls

If you’re looking for birthday ideas for your tween or teen, this post might be for you! Last year, I shared Miss G’s Broadway/Hollywood themed birthday party, along with the super fun diy photo booth we created for it.  This year, G came up with another cool birthday idea: an art theme party. Um, hello? The words art AND birthday party in the same sentence?  Let’s just say it was an idea that her mama was coo coo crazy about!

And, as Miss G gets older (boohoo), finding fun birthday ideas is even trickier.  The great thing about tween parties, though, is that they seem to get smaller in size.  We no longer have to rent a giant location for for all 25+ kids from class.  These days, she just wants a small group of close friends at home.  This makes it easier and more affordable to spend a little more on the party details. And, oooooh, how I love the details!

Art theme birthday ideas

Birthday Ideas: Party Games /Activities

Because the girls were aged 10-13, we decided to do water-colour painting as the main art activity for party.  If you are planning an art theme birthday party for a younger group of kids, it might be a good idea to choose something a little less messy (foamies?)!

art theme birthday ideas

At each girl’s setting, I placed:

  • a canvas and wooden easel (dollar store purchase)
  • a few sheets of water-colour paper
  • a water-colour paint set (from Target, but you can find them at dollar stores too)
  • 2 brushes (they came with paint set)
  • a cup of water
  • paper towels

The watercolour paint set later became part of the takeaway from the party (i.e., the loot bag). I had the girls write their names on the bottom of the set with a Sharpie, and we popped them in the bags when the painting was done.

I also put straws and tape on the table, in case the girls wanted to use a few simple paint techniques I demonstrated, like blowing the paint through the straw and masking off their initials/names.  But honestly, they didn’t need much direction.  At this age, they had their own ideas about what they wanted to create.  (And, isn’t that what art is all about?)  They were like little pros. So if you are planning an art theme birthday party for tweens, don’t stress too much if you aren’t art-inclined yourself.

art theme birthday ideas - activities

Once the painting was done, we laid it all out on the kitchen island to dry, and we played a couple of other art-related games.

  • Art Trivia: I created a multiple choice trivia game with age-appropriate art questions I found online, like ‘What are the primary colours?’ and ‘What colours are found in a spectrum’, etc..  I also threw in a few questions for fun like ‘What is Selena Gomez’s favourite colour?’  – which is turquoise btw, in case you ever need to know lol.
  • Pictionary: We also played a homemade game of ‘Pictionary’ in teams of 2.  I made up a bunch of silly (and easy) things for them to draw (e.g., a dog playing a flute) and they picked them from a hat.  One partner drew while the other one guessed, and in the end, whichever team performed fastest won the prize.  It was  a lot of fun!

Birthday Ideas: The Decorations

For decorations, I used streamers, balloon, paper lanterns and tissue flowers all in the colours of the rainbow.  What could be easier?

art theme birthday ideas - decorations

Birthday Ideas: ‘Art-y’ Food

Our party was mid-afternoon, so I prepared snacks instead of a full meal.  I kept the rainbow-theme for the party food too.  I prepared rainbow fruit skewers using strawberry and watermelon for red, pineapple for yellow, cantaloupe for green, grapes for violet, and blueberries for indigo.  We also had a veggie tray laid out like a rainbow, Kool-aid in varying colours, rainbow-coloured candy, and sweets with rainbow sprinkles.

art theme birthday ideas - food


The Loot Bags

I wish I’d taken a photo, but I didn’t think of it!  The loot bags included the water-colour paint set the girls used for their paintings, a water-colour paper  pad, another small canvas, and a package of colourful Smarties.

If you’re looking for birthday party ideas for a tween, this party theme was a tonne of fun!

Until next time,


P.S., There’s also a super fabulous post about a water-colour theme birthday party on my of my favourite blogs, The Handmade Home.  Check it out here.