diy monogram art

How to Create Monogram Wall Art {without vinyl cutting}

Happy Monday peeps. Just thought I’d share an easy little tutorial on painting your own monogram art.  I’m a big fan of monograms. So I decided to try to make one myself for my new living room gallery wall (which I’ll share with you soon). You don’t need a Cricut or a Silhouette or any other special vinyl cutting tool. In fact, I personally think that a hand-painted monogram has a much more authentic feel.

diy monogram art

1. First, find some great material, and cut it just a little larger than the size you intend to frame. The thinner and the more ‘open-weave’ the better, beacuse the next few steps involve tracing. I used a table napkin that has a linen/grain sack kind of feel. I found it on sale after Christmas for $1.49 at Bowering (a Canadian home decor store).  I cut mine ~5×7.

2. Use any desktop program (like Word) to create a large letter in the font of you choice.  I used Bookman Old Style as I was going for a more classic feel.

how to make monogram art
Yes, my printer cartridge needs changing!

2. Next place your material over the letter, and trace with a fine tip black pen.  Easy peasey.

painted monogram art tutorial
handmade monogram art - diy

3. Now, fill in the letter with your favorite acrylic craft paint.  If you want, you can mix it with textile medium, but I didn’t, and it turned out just fine.

painted monogram how to
make your own monogram art

If you want to create more texture and depth, just use a darker shade of the colour as a top coat.

framed monogram art tutorial
It doesn’t have to be perfect.  In fact, imperfect is best!

4. To create a more aged effect, you can lightly sponge some brown paint onto the edges.  You can also fray the edges of your material.

diy monogram decor
distressed monogram on burlap

5.  Final step: frame your beautiful monogram in a frame of your choice, and enjoy!

how to paint a family monogram
I adhered it on top of the mat instead of under it, so the aged edges were visible.


Until next time,

This tutorial was referenced on E-How!