A Year of Door Decor

A Year of DIY Wreaths / Door Decor {How to make a wreath for any season}

Just like I love decorating my mantel for every season, I’m also obsessed with decorating my front door!  One of the reasons I like coming up with mantel decorating ideas and DIY wreath ideas so much is because it allows me to indulge in decorating without taking on a big project like a room makeover. … Keep on reading --->

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Decorating Blog Year in Review 2012

A Year of DIY Decorating Projects: A Look Back at 2012!

One of the fun things about having a diy decorating blog is that it holds you to task on projects that might otherwise get half-finished (or not done at all). Rhoda, at Southern Hospitality holds a link-up every year at this time to look back at bloggers’ favorite DIY decorating projects of the year.… Keep on reading --->

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A Year of Mantels 2012

A Year of Mantel Decorating Ideas! {aka: Revealing my Inner-Mantel Freak}

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day yesterday! Last year at about this time, I looked back at my full year of fireplace mantel decorating ideas (for 2011), season by season.… Keep on reading --->

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Blinged Out, Girly-Girl Monogram {Easy Craft or Gift Idea for Girls}

In my holiday home tour the other day, I shared a picture of our 8-year old daughter’s Christmas tree. This year she made a colorful, blinged-out monogram for the top.  (Last year, she had a ballerina tree and we topped it with a ballerina teddy bear – times, they are a changin’.)

DIY Monogram tree topper

If you are looking for a fun and easy craft to do with your daughter(s) over the coming days, either as a tree topper or perhaps as friend gifts, this is a sweet idea.… Keep on reading --->

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Owl decor

Owl-tastic Christmas Decorations (Collecting Owls for the Christmas Tree)

This year our Christmas tree has a definite woodland feel to it.  I didn’t plan it that way, even though woodland-themed Christmas trees seem to be on trend this year.

Woodland Christmas tree

There’s a few acorns here and there, but I think the woodsy feel comes from all the owls. … Keep on reading --->

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This morning we awoke to the first real snowfall this year.  It’s the ‘perfect snow’ – a Winter Wonderland-Marshmallow World kind of snow, that’s perfect for making snowmen.  The kids on our cul de sac are all out in their snowsuits with rosy cheeks and magic carpets. … Keep on reading --->

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Holiday Home Tour 2012 Button

Holiday Home Tour 2012

Christmas Holiday Home Tour 2012

OK, so I *think* I’m done with the Christmas decorating.  When it comes to seasonal decorating, I have a slight problem, in case you haven’t noticed by now.   I have to make a full stop; otherwise, I could keep going until the 25th!… Keep on reading --->

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Dr. Seuss Christmas Tree

Our Dr. Seuss Christmas Tree! (2012)

If you read my blog last Christmas, you might remember that I created a full-on Dr. Seuss-themed Christmas tree for our basement family room!  Well, it’s up again (yay!), and we’re still just as excited about it.… Keep on reading --->

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Free Printable for Christmas

Free Christmas Printable: “I will honor / honour Christmas in my heart” (Scrooge)

Today, I wanted to share a free Christmas printable with you!

Our 8-year old daughter recently performed in a local, main stage production of Scrooge. As a tribute to that wonderful experience, I wanted to somehow incorporate a little bit of Scrooge in our Christmas decorating this year.… Keep on reading --->

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Christmas vignette

Cabinet-Top Christmas Display (Vignette): Floating Bulbs in Foliage

Hello again!  I just remembered that Rhoda (from Southern Hospitality) is having a ‘Christmas vignette’ link-up today, so I thought I’d pop back and show you how I styled up a little cabinet in our living room for Christmas. … Keep on reading --->

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