Oh deer, I think I love you. {Faux Taxidermy – Near & Deer}

When you’ve been a blogger for awhile, you get lots of pitches for product reviews. While this might sound great, only a handful are ones I’d consider writing about.

Awhile back, though, I found an e-mail in my Inbox from a company called Near and Deer, inquiring whether I’d like to try one of their faux deer heads.  Now, I think you’ll agree, that’s not something you hear every day. And, since I hadn’t yet indulged in the ‘faux taxidermy’ decorating trend,  I was intrigued.

Faux taxidermy has been all the rage in decorating in recent years.  (See: Faux Taxidermy Is A Surprisingly Chic Decor Element.) I love the personality statement that a set of (fake) antlers makes in a room.  They’re such a great mix of modern  chic and rustic cozy. I’ve swooned over many room photos with them; I just wasn’t sure how a set of antlers would mix with my own decor scheme.

And then this guy arrived in the mail…READ MORE

A Million Pageviews & Free Printable Art to Celebrate! {Good Morning & Good Night Chalkboard Prints}

I don’t care a lot about blog ‘stats’ around here; and, it’s certainly not what motivates me to keep blogging.  (I’ve written about this before over here.)  However, I did notice something today which got me a little excited!  Today my blog surpassed a million pageviews since moving over here from Blogger, and changing my blog name to A Pop of Pretty. 

That’s like 7 whole digits worth of blog traffic, which is pretty darn cool.  So as a thanks to YOU and YOU and YOU for visiting this little corner of the web, I’m going to celebrate this one million pageviews milestone by offering a little gift with no strings attached!

I recently created these two chalkboard-inspired “Good Morning” / “Good Night” prints for our master bedroom makeover.

chalkboard art free printable

I haven’t even blogged about them yet, and I didn’t create them with the intention of offering them as free printable art. But today I’m inspired to share!  So here you go! As usual, just right click, save and print as you like!  (If your printer prints to cardstock or photo paper, that’s what I’d recommend, but any paper will do.)  READ MORE

Low & Behold: Sold on Gold! (Gold Decor Trend)

When I decorated my first apartment and then our first home in the late 90s, gold decor was considered – in one word – tacky!  Gold tones from ‘the overdone 80s’ were being replaced with simpler ‘white’ metallics like silver and pewter. Just like my aversion to wallpaper which I wrote about recently, I also developed an aversion to gold.


At the time, I went on a mission to de-goldify anything that could be painted or replaced. Picture frames, light switch plates, and jewellery – it was all fair game!  Even in recent years, I’ve tucked Christmas decorations with any trace of gold at the back of the tree where they couldn’t be seen.  (Their sole purpose was to balance out tree weight, lol).


So, when gold decor came back on the scene recently, I totally surprised myself by liking it!  READ MORE!

Create Your Own Art? Yes you can. {DIY watercolor effect painted canvas}

Judging by one of my my more popular projects here at A Pop of Pretty (a diy painted canvas I created with an inspirational quote), it appears that a whole lot of you want to know how to create your own art.  So I thought I’d show you another painted canvas that I recently created for our piano room…


Create your own art: my diy painted canvas in our Piano Room


create your own art


I think it sometimes surprises people…READ MORE

Wallpaper Accent Wall in the Bedroom: Reveal

Did you catch my last post about Wallpaper Aversion Disorder?  Those of us who’ve had the pleasure of removing decades of wallpaper typically swear the stuff off.  After all, what goes up must (eventually) come down.  Decor trends, like everything else, are cyclical.  And once you’ve stripped wallpaper, you can never go back. It’s a fool me once, kind of a deal. Well, at least that was my theory…READ MORE


wallpaper accent wall bed

Overcoming Wallpaper Aversion Disorder!

OK, so here’s two words I never thought I’d say again: I wallpapered.  (If you follow me on Instagram, you might have snuck a sneaky peaky.)

And, let me tell you, it’s no small miracle.

Fifteen years ago, I swore I would never-ever, ever-never, use wallpaper again.  That’s what happens when you strip and scrape four decade’s worth of wallpaper with your own hands.  By the time I tore the last piece of velvet flocked paper off the walls of our first home, I had developed a disease known to all owners of 1960s fixer uppers: Wallpaper Aversion Disorder.  (It’s real, I swear.)  READ MORE…