31 Days of DIY Wall Art

3 Fashion-Friendly Wall Decor Ideas (Calendars, Shopping Bags and Shoeboxes – Who Knew?!?)

The past few days have been nutty here, so I’m running a little behind on my ’31 Days’ DIY Wall Art Project!  It was bound to happen ;-). In case you’re just joining in on the fun now, here’s a little cheat sheet on the do-it-yourself wall decor ideas I’ve covered so far:

Idea #1: Create a Free, Frame-able Family Monogram

Idea #2: Creating Gallery Walls: Grouping Things You Love

Idea #3: Wall Art from Greeting Cards

Idea #4: Plate-Obsessed!

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Decorate mantel for Halloween

Kid-Friendly Halloween Mantel / Mantle (Halloween Decorating)

I was never really a big fan of Halloween until I had my own kids. Now, when it comes to Halloween decorating, I think I am more of a kid than they are!… Keep on reading —>

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ballet costume as wall art

Creating Sentimental Art: DIY Wall Art Idea #8

I can’t believe it’s already Week 2 in my “31 Days of DIY Wall Art” project! I have to admit, I’m really enjoying putting this series together. Tonight’s diy wall art idea (#8 of 31!)  is all about creating what I like to call  ‘sentimental art’ from items that have special meaning to you.… Keep on reading —>

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(W)hoop (W)hoop! Embroidery Hoops as Wall Art (Idea #7)

It’s Day 7 in my 31 Days series on DIY Wall Art and tonight I’m sharing one of my latest diy wall art crushes: embroidery hoops!  When I first spotted this wall art idea on Pinterest awhile back, I had a serious ooh-la-la moment, and I’ve been hooked on it ever since.… Keep on reading —>

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Basement Stairway Gallery Wall

Free printables: Do-it-Yourself Wall Art Idea #6 (of 31!)

Did you know that you can find free wall art online that you can print at home?  Well, if you are a blogger or if you follow  a lot of blogs, then I know you know this already. … Keep on reading —>

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Interior decorating consultants

Announcement: Now Accepting Interior Decorating Consulting Projects!

I am excited that A Pop of Pretty is finally in a position to take requests for interior decorating consultations!  Over the past 2 years, I’ve fielded many e-mails from my blog readers, both local and non-local, asking for assistance in decorating projects. … Keep on reading —>

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wall art from scrap paper and stationary

Wall Art from Scrapbook Paper / Stationary: Idea #5 (of 31)!

First, before talking about wall art, I wanted to thank Rhoda at Southern Hospitality for featuring our home in her “Feature Friday” at her blog today.  Rhoda is a maven of the decor blogging world, and I was lucky enough to meet her at Haven this year ( a huge thrill in itself!). … Keep on reading —>

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decorative plates as wall art

Plate-obsessed! (DIY Wall Art Idea #4)

For yesterday’s do-it-yourself (DIY) wall art idea, I sent you digging in your dusty shoebox of old greeting cards, and for today’s idea, I’m heading to the china cabinet! … Keep on reading —>

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do-it-yourself wall art collection

DIY Wall Art Idea #3: Dig out that dusty shoebox of…

If you’ve been following my blog, it should come as no surprise that one of my favorite diy decorating projects is to create wall art and wall art groupings.  That’s why I chose DIY Wall Art as my topic for the ‘31 Days’ party going on at blogs all over the place for the month of October.… Keep on reading —>

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Tips for Gallery Wall Groupings

DIY Wall Art Idea #2: Group things you love! (Gallery Wall Tips)

Today’s post about DIY Wall Art Ideas (the second in my “31 Days” Series) is focused on gallery wall tips.

I find that the best way to breathe new life into any piece of wall art I already own is to group it with other pieces I love. … Keep on reading —>

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DIY Wall Art Monogram

DIY Wall Art Idea #1: Free, Frameable Monogram!

Just like last year, over the month of October, I’ll be participating in “Nester’s 31 Days” party going on around Blog Land. (You can read more about it in my introductory post  here!) I’ll be posting one easy and affordable DIY Wall Art idea every day this month.… Keep on reading —>

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DIY Living Room Lamp Makeover

DIY Reading Lamp Makeover (Krylon Ivy Leaf)

I’ve been a fan of spray painting with Krylon’s Duo paint + primer for awhile now, so when Krylon asked me if I’d like to try out any color of my choice for a DIY decor project, I hopped at the chance to try out a shade called ‘Ivy Leaf‘.… Keep on reading —>

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