Mantel collage - Easter

My Easter Mantel + BH&G Real Home Spring & Easter Mantel Decorating Ideas.

I thought I’d share some fun news.  My Easter Mantel from last year has been featured by Better Homes and Gardens home decorating ideas!  You can find it by clicking here: Better Homes & Gardens – Real Home Spring & Easter Mantel Decorating Ideas.… Keep on reading --->

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DIY Wreath for St. Patrick’s Day

You know me, I relish the chance to make a new wreath – this time, for St Patricks Day!  I rarely hang anything on my door between Valentine’s Day and Easter since our North Atlantic winter weather could easily chew it up and spit it out.  … Keep on reading --->

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An Old Irish Blessing - Free Printable - May The Road Rise Up

St. Patrick’s Day Printables (Free)

Hello me little leprechauns!  Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in your parts?  ‘Paddy’s Day’ (as we call it here) is HUGE where I come from.  Our history and culture is strongly connected to Ireland, so it’s a pretty big deal here. … Keep on reading --->

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Living Room Makeover (Woodlawn Blue & Creamy White): Updated pics!

I spent Friday evening putting the living room back together after the week of painting.

In case you missed last week’s posts, we just painted the living room with Benjamin Moore’s Woodlawn Blue and Navajo White.  … Keep on reading --->

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Saturday’s Swoon: Serene blue, cream living room with a pop of personality!

My “Saturday Swoon” this weekend is seriously GORGEOUS.

I came across this stunning South Carolina home yesterday on  It is originally credited to Julia at the blog Pawleys Island Posh.  … Keep on reading --->

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pink ikat

All eyes on Ikat!

You know a decorating trend has gone mainstream when you spot it at HomeSense (or its American equivalent , HomeGoods)!  The other day, during my near-weekly stroll through HomeSense (um, yes, I’m an addict…don’t judge, lol), I spotted a bunch of storage bins covered in pastel Ikat fabric.… Keep on reading --->

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Gallery Walls: the ugly side!

You know me, I love gallery walls!


My living room gallery wall, before we started painting.

But despite my adoration of gallery walls, they do have an ugly side.

Apparently, that ugly side only reveals itself when you disassemble it.… Keep on reading --->

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Woodlawn Blue: I’ve got the blues…and I’m loving it!

We started painting our main living area with Benjamin Moore’s Woodlawn Blue this week.

OK, so I use the term ‘we’ loosely. We enrolled my dad. He’s a master painter extraordinaire.  … Keep on reading --->

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Bye bye Google Friend Connect

Bye, Bye Google Friend Connect {Please update your subscription method!}

I must be living on another planet!  Although it was announced in late 2011, I only recently learned that, as of March 1st, Google Friend Connect (GFC) subscriptions will no longer work for blogs that aren’t hosted on Google’s Blogger.  … Keep on reading --->

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The ipod Touch – Is your child’s safe? {How to set parental controls}

{I’m going to stray a little off topic today.  This post has nothing to do with pretty homes or pretty things, so if you need that kind of escape today, you might want to exit stage right and click on some of my prettier posts. Keep on reading --->

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