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Kids’ Art Station Inspiration: 20 Fun Ideas

Do your kids love arts and craft projects as much as mine?  My 9-year old daughter absolutely loves to draw, and has an arsenal of supplies to feed her passion. The only problem was that there were tiny mountains of paper and coloring supplies in every room! (Does this sound vaguely familiar?!?) In an effort to organize things, last spring, I created an organized art station for her in a little corner of our TV room. If you’ve been following along here since then, you might remember it.


kids art station


Having this little organized art station made her happy, and it literally saved my sanity! I used a modular wall system by Martha Stewart Office, but there are many ways to create something similar. So when Hometalk asked me to curate some kids’ art station inspiration, I was all over it like acrylic on canvas. After searching the Hometalk site, I put together 20 ideas for keeping you kids’ art supplies organized – whether they have a dedicated craft space, or they pull up stools to the kitchen island.  From tin cans to picnic tables to mason jars, these ideas demonstrate that you don’t need much space or expensive storage systems to create a fun and organized craft experience.. I    that

.art stations for kids.

With school projects on the horizon, there’s no time like the present to round up all those stray markers and coloring leads and whip them into shape! So pop on over to my Hometalk inspiration board by clicking on the photo collage above for lots of great ideas.


Hope you’re having a happy week!