7 Easier than Easy No Carve Pumpkin Ideas

If you’re anything like me, you’d take a pretty, no carve pumpkin idea over a pile of pumpkin guts any day of the week.  It’s not that we don’t carve pumpkins around here; it’s just that I save that messy job for my husband ;-).  … Keep on reading --->

I’m a Halloween Convert.

Do you decorate for Halloween?  It seems that Halloween is either a love it or hate it kind of holiday.

Before I had kids, I didn’t love Halloween. Like, at all.  … Keep on reading --->

Kid Friendly Halloween Decorating: Big BOO Halloween Mantel

As mentioned in previous years’ Halloween posts, I’m all about cute, kid friendly Halloween decorating ideas.

I don’t know about you, but as a kid, I always avoided the houses that scared the bejesus out of me.… Keep on reading --->

Thanksgiving Mantel : 100% Glitter-Free!

I’ve been playing around with a little Fall decor on this Thanksgiving mantel because, can you believe it, Thanksgiving is just a couple of weeks away here in Canada.

I know, what the what?  … Keep on reading --->

Fall Door Decor Lovers Unite!

Yay, it’s officially Fall! And, you know what that means, right? Nope, not football. Nope, not elbow patches. And, I’m not talking leather boots or plaid, either.  If you guessed, “Fall door decor“, you were right!… Keep on reading --->

Behr Marquee Dayflower: Front Door Update

Hello there, friends!  Happy Fall! With colder weather ahead , I’m taking full advantage of any days that are still warm enough for painting outside. I’ve been painting up a storm over the past few weeks!… Keep on reading --->

Birthday Ideas: Fun ‘Art Theme’ Party for Girls

If you’re looking for birthday ideas for your tween or teen, this post might be for you! Last year, I shared Miss G’s Broadway/Hollywood themed birthday party, along with the super fun diy photo booth we created for it.  … Keep on reading --->

‘Canadian Bloggers Home Tour': Our House!

Hello my pretties!  Today is a fun day around here!  It’s ‘Day 2′ of the Canadian Bloggers Home Tours, and that means you’re invited to our home for a little tour.… Keep on reading --->

Canadian Bloggers Home Tour: Next Week!

There’s been more than a few crickets chirping away here for the past while as I’ve been spending less time here and more time with three kids enjoying summer.  But next week, I’ll be coming out of my summer hiding for an exciting tour of Canadian design/decor bloggers homes.… Keep on reading --->

Beach-Inspired Summer Mantel

By now, you know I love decorating my fireplace mantel for different seasons and holidays.  This year’s been a little different: it actually hasn’t changed all that much!  I’m not gonna lie: I’ve enjoyed the ease and simplicity of keeping things the same for awhile.  … Keep on reading --->

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