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A tisket, a tasket, it’s time to hang a basket! (DIY Wall Art Idea #17)

When I first  saw a post by Melissa at the Inspired Room on how she used baskets as wall art on the entry wall of her craftsman-inspired home, I think I might have drooled a little (or, a lot).  I LOVE Melissa’s style, and this wall is one of my favorite spaces in her home. Truthfully, I’d never really thought of hanging baskets on a wall, but when I saw this photo of her’s, I wondered why it wasn’t a more obvious choice for wall decor.  (She even used one of the baskets to cover an annoying light switch – clever!)

 Baskets what to hang on a wall

All photo credits, including the featured image, to The Inspired Room.

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There’s just something deliciously eclectic and ‘collected’ about this wall art idea.

  baskets as wall art

 All photo credits to Jute Interior Design via

I’m usually one for bright pops of color in a neutral space, but I could quite easily live in either of these rooms. What’s sacrificed in color is more than made up for by the gorgeous texture that a grouping of baskets offers.

Don’t be surprised if you notice a basket pop up on one of our walls soon.  I’m hooked on this idea!

(This is Idea #17 in my October ’31 Days’ Series on DIY Wall Art.  You can find all the ideas I’ve rounded up so far over in my right-hand sidebar!)

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