birthday ideas art theme

Birthday Ideas: Fun ‘Art Theme’ Party for Girls

If you’re looking for birthday ideas for your tween or teen, this post might be for you! Last year, I shared Miss G’s Broadway/Hollywood themed birthday party, along with the super fun diy photo booth we created for it.  … Keep on reading --->

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A Pop of Pretty / Home Tour Collage

‘Canadian Bloggers Home Tour': Our House!

Hello my pretties!  Today is a fun day around here!  It’s ‘Day 2′ of the Canadian Bloggers Home Tours, and that means you’re invited to our home for a little tour.… Keep on reading --->

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House Tour A Pop of Pretty

Canadian Bloggers Home Tour: Next Week!

There’s been more than a few crickets chirping away here for the past while as I’ve been spending less time here and more time with three kids enjoying summer.  But next week, I’ll be coming out of my summer hiding for an exciting tour of Canadian design/decor bloggers homes.… Keep on reading --->

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Beach Summer Mantel Decor 7

Beach-Inspired Summer Mantel

By now, you know I love decorating my fireplace mantel for different seasons and holidays.  This year’s been a little different: it actually hasn’t changed all that much!  I’m not gonna lie: I’ve enjoyed the ease and simplicity of keeping things the same for awhile.  … Keep on reading --->

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boys bedroom travel

Travel-Inspired Boys Bedroom (Shared Bedroom / Twins)

Today I’m finally giving you a glimpse at how the twins ‘big boy bedroom’ turned out.  No, I haven’t fallen in a deep dark hole or been abducted by aliens. (Although you might see an alien or two in the post – just sayin’.) But it’s been forever since I’ve been on a regular blogging schedule.… Keep on reading --->

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Behr Marquee

Nightstand Makeover: Behr Marquee Soft Shoe

Our basement guest bedroom needs a little makeover. (Gosh, I love when that happens!)  In addition to making-over the boys’ bedroom (I’ll post on that room tomorrow), I’ve been thinking about how to create a pretty and soothing bedroom for guests.… Keep on reading --->

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how to paint wall stripes

How to paint wall stripes (the second time around!)

So I think I’ve read just about every great tutorial out there on how to paint wall stripes.

But, I’m gonna be honest here: my first attempt at figuring out how to paint wall stripes a couple of years ago was a FAIL.  … Keep on reading --->

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turning 40 41

Turning 40 plus 1 {Five things that rock about 41}

Did you guess it from the title?

Yep.  Me. 40 plus one. As in: four decades plus one year.

I know, I know –  you’d nevvvver say it by looking at me, would you?… Keep on reading --->

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how to remove wall vinyl

How to Remove Vinyl Wall Decals (Bye Bye Elephants)

Well, hello there friends!  It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been around! I’ve been busy with a big makeover project in the boys’ bedroom.  But before getting started, I had to remove vinyl wall decals, so I thought I’d share a couple of tips on what I learned.… Keep on reading --->

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No bake Easter cookie

Easter Cookie Recipe: The Simplest Ever

Are you looking for a simple, last minute Easter cookie recipe? When I found an easy, no-bake Easter cookie that has just 3 ingredients, I was all over it! When it comes to ‘baking’, don’t ya just love a good ol’  NO BAKE recipe? … Keep on reading --->

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