DIY Wall Art Tutorial: Easy Inspirational-Quote Painted Canvas

Everybody has a little artist in them somewhere. Today’s DIY wall art idea, from the archives here, is a great example of how easy it can be to create a great piece without having mad artistry skills!

diy wall decor inspirational canvas

This diy “Love Conquers All” painted canvas project has become one of my most popular posts for blog traffic.  In case you missed the tutorial earlier this year, I thought I’d share it again here as part of my 31 Days Series. {CLICK TO READ MORE…}

Framing Wall Art from Etsy Merchants (DIY Wall Decor Idea #14!)

Tonight, as part of my 31 Days Series on wall art, I promised to talk a little about my love of Etsy.

front porch wall decor I know that if you are a decor blogger, or if you follow decor blogs, you already know what Etsy is.  But I’m betting there are still a whole lot of other readers out there who haven’t discovered Etsy yet! is an online market of thousands of creative merchants selling handmade and vintage items – anything from jewellery to furniture to clothing to wall art.  You can find pretty much anything your little heart desires on Etsy!

Over the past few years, I’ve bought lots of things (that my little heart desired :-)) from Etsy merchants – like pillow covers, wall art, and, most recently, jewellery – and I’ve always been thrilled by the quality the products.

One of my favorite things to browse for (and buy) are prints.  I just love the prints from Etsy merchants. It seems like I can always find a print on Etsy that works perfectly with my room decor or wall idea. That’s probably because there are so many different shops to pick from! I also love knowing that I am buying directly from an artist or designer.  The care and craftsmanship of the pieces always reflect this.

My ‘Sunshine-Inspired’ Gallery Wall in my front porch is comprised of a number of Etsy-bought prints.  When I decided that I wanted to create a themed wall grouping around ‘sunshine’ (see why here), I went to Etsy and searched for prints that reflected the sentiment I was after.  I then framed them in salvaged frames that I spray-painted in gray, yellow and blue.  Overall, it was a pretty affordable way to create a cohesive wall decor collection.

gallery wall

“Look on the Bright Side” Print Source: {READ MORE HERE}

An ‘Alphabet Soup’ of DIY Wall Decor Ideas!

Well hello blog, and hello again 31 Days of Wall Decor Ideas!

This week has been a little crazy for a few reasons, one of them being these shenanigans—–>

So, despite my very best intentions to blog every day this month for my “31 Days” series, real life has gotten in the way.  I hope to get it back on track from here, but let’s be real: even without birthday party planning for two 3-year olds, our household is a gong show.  There might be a few more hiccups along the way, but I am enjoying all these DIY wall art ideas too much to give up on the series now!

So tonight I thought I’d throw a few more ideas into the mix by showing you the ‘alphabet’ inspired wall in our basement stairwell again.

You might notice that I’ve added a few new pieces to the wall since I first wrote about it last winter. I talked about the free printable art I used on the wall earlier in the series. But before I point out the other new pieces, let’s add ‘Letters & Numbers’ to the growing list of do-it-yourself wall ideas which you can now find in my right sidebar!

Letters as wall decor

Idea #12: Letters & Numbers

decorating with lettersI’ve been a huge fan of using letters and numbers as wall art for awhile now.  (Check out my post from 2011 “I Wanna Buy a Vowel: Gaga over Alphabet Walls“).  I’ve used letters in different spots throughout my home (like here in my living room), but  I haven’t grouped…{READ MORE!}

3 Fashion-Friendly Wall Decor Ideas (Calendars, Shopping Bags and Shoeboxes – Who Knew?!?)

The past few days have been nutty here, so I’m running a little behind on my ’31 Days’ DIY Wall Art Project!  It was bound to happen ;-). In case you’re just joining in on the fun now, here’s a little cheat sheet on the do-it-yourself wall decor ideas I’ve covered so far:

Idea #1: Create a Free, Frame-able Family Monogram

Idea #2: Creating Gallery Walls: Grouping Things You Love

Idea #3: Wall Art from Greeting Cards

Idea #4: Plate-Obsessed! Using Decorative Plates for Wall Art

Idea #5: Wall Art from Scrapbook Paper & Stationary

Idea #6: Free Printable Wall Art

Idea #7: Embroidery Hoops as Wall Art

Idea #8: Creating sentimental wall art with loved mementos

Tonight I have three more fabulous wall art ideas to share, {READ MORE}

Kid-Friendly Halloween Mantel / Mantle (Halloween Decorating)

I was never really a big fan of Halloween until I had my own kids. Now, when it comes to Halloween decorating, I think I am more of a kid than they are! I actually got really excited about pulling out the Halloween decorations this year.  But with young kids,there’s definitely a fine line between getting them in the Halloween spirit, and traumatizing them!

One of my 3-year old twins decided he wanted to be “spooky spider” this year instead of using the Thomas the Train costume I has already bought (figures!), so I felt that was my license to amp up the spooky more than last year’s “Purple-licious” Halloween mantel.  Still, I stayed away from the gory, so you won’t find any blood, bones or rodents on my mantel.  (Not that rodents are particularly gory, but they are horribly awful little creatures and just happen to be my only major phobia).

Halloween Mantel Pin it

 I used a fun Halloween sign, a black feather boa with purple lights, a black feather wreath and some glittery spiders to create a spooky but still fun mantel display… {READ MORE}

Creating Sentimental Art: DIY Wall Art Idea #8

I can’t believe it’s already Week 2 in my “31 Days of DIY Wall Art” project! I have to admit, I’m really enjoying the series, and I hope you are too! Tonight’s diy wall art idea (#8 of 31!)  is all about creating what I like to call  ‘sentimental art’ from items that have special meaning to you. These wall art ideas are all about memory keeping; and doing it in a way that lends itself to pretty display.

I’m a real sap when it comes to saving things from my kids. I was even an avid scrapbooker ‘b.t.’ (before twins, lol), so it’s no surprise that I was drawn to these kinds of ideas.  In fact, Miss G’s bedroom decor was inspired by her very first ballet costume which still hangs on her wall today!

ballet costume as wall art

Shadowboxes, or ‘scrap boxes’ are a great way to house favorite or meaningful things. I love the idea of displaying a first pair of ballet shoes…{READ MORE}