How to choose a blog name

How (NOT) to choose a blog name. {Blog naming pitfalls to avoid}

Once upon a time, there was a naive newbie blogger who broke all her own rules and chose the completely wrong blog name.  This is her story.

By nature and by profession, I’m a planner with a capital ‘P’.… Keep on reading —>

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One Year Blogging Birthday: join me next week!

Next week marks my one year blogging birthday.

Last November,  my twins were barely one-year old, my daughter was in grade one, and my husband was on his annual 20-day Asian business trip.… Keep on reading —>

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November Decor 4

November decor: a blast or a bore? {November decorating ideas}

For a fanatical seasonal decorator like me, November is a bore.

In Canada, we celebrate Thanksgiving in early October, which means that November is like a black hole between October’s spook and December’s sparkle. … Keep on reading —>

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Twin Boy Nursery 1

Our Twin Boy Nursery (Room Tour): Must you change so soon?

I’m not sure if I’ve even talked about this room here yet in any detail, and I’m already planning to ch

ange it!

Our twin boys turned two last month (boo hoo), and while they’re not quite ready for big boy beds (if ever), I’ve been starting to think about how to transform their room for toddler-hood.… Keep on reading —>

Pin It

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Dr. Seuss-Inspired Christmas Tree (yes, I said “Christmas”!)

Halloween is over, and my decorations are already getting packed away for another year.

You know what that means don’t ya?  Yup, next up: Christmas!

Although Christmas decorating is my weakness, I will try and show some self-control, and hold off on any holiday decorating for at least another 3-4 weeks. … Keep on reading —>

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1972 Noritake China, Source: vintageadbrowsercom

31 Days of Vintage Home Decor Ads: My Final Post!

As tomorrow is October 31st, this is going to be my last post in my 31 Days Series on vintage home decor advertising.  I will miss it!  By digging up these old ads, I learned a lot about vintage decorating that I didn’t know before. … Keep on reading —>

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painted monogram letters 3

What’s on my craft table tonight? Well, painted letters, of course!

First of all, for those of you following 31 Days: I know, I know, there should have been a post yesterday…and today…and well…they’re coming, I promise!  Just not tonight, lol.

It’s just been tough getting back to the computer over the past few days with all of this kind of stuff going on  ———->

As I am sure you can all relate, there’s been Halloween activities to juggle, treat bags to stuff, sugar rushes to chase, and sugar crashes to manage.… Keep on reading —>

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Gorgeous Mid-Century Telephone Ads: 31 Days of Vintage Home Decor Ads (Day 27)

Sorry for the delay in posting Day 27 of my “31 Days” series on vintage home decor advertising, but I literally broke my blog.

{I went snooping around in the back areas of my site where I shouldn’t have, and played around with a bit of code, just cause I’m curious like that, lol. Keep on reading —>

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1991 Ad, Source: "Found in Mom's Basement"

Vintage Home Decor Ad 26 (of 31): The ’90s Signature Fabric: Microsuede!

If you’ve been following along my Vintage Home Decor Advertising Series, you’ll have noticed that I’ve made an attempt at presenting these vintage ads chronologically.  That means we are almost up to the 90s.… Keep on reading —>

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1988 Martha Stewart / K Mart Ad, Source: "Found in Mom's Beasement"

Vintage ’80s Martha Stewart Ads: 31 Days of Vintage Home Decor Ads (Day 24 & 25)

Tonight, we’re still kicking it ’80s style in my series on Vintage Home Decor Ads.

With its over-the-top floral frou-frou and crazy crimped hair, the 80s certainly had its share of bad taste.… Keep on reading —>

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