Red & Turquoise Christmas Decor: My 2011 House Tour!

Welcome to my 2011 holiday house tour, featured on Hooked on Houses’, “20 Very Merry Room Tours Decked Out for Christmas“!

Red and Turquoise Christmas Decor


So…is your home all ready for Christmas yet?

I wish I could say mine was, but it’s still a work-in-progress. My trip to New York set me back a little time-wise, and now I’m playing catch up.  Some rooms are complete, others are half-done, and still others are holding  all the boxes and bags filled with the random things which haven’t found a spot yet (or ever). Sound familiar?!?

Christmas Decorating: Red & Turquoise

Even though things aren’t finished around here, I’d really like to join in on the Christmas Open House party happening at The Inspired Room. So, for now, I’m going to show you what I’ve completed so far.

My Christmas decor is a little more cottage-rustic than last year’s, and I’ve also changed my color scheme.

You’ll see lots of pops of bright red and aqua in just about every room.

Let’s start on my front porch!

The front porch decor is still a work-in-progress.   I hung my wreath (updated from last year with the turquoise), and finessed my urns, but there’s still lots to do out there! But you’ll get the gist of my vision from these couple of pics…

Monogram Chistmas Wreath, Red & Turquoise

Christmas Decorating: Red & Turquoise Urn

Next stop…the Foyer

Brrrr.  It’s chilly out there!  Come on in!

Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas Door Decor: Red & Turquoise

Cottage Christmas Vignette

And, now the Living Room…

This is one of the rooms which is completely done.

That’s after decorating, undecorating, and redecorating the tree, but that’s a story for another post.

Christmas Tree Decorations in Red & Turquoise


Christmas Mantel Decor: Red & Turquoise

I already did a couple of posts on my holiday mantel – including a tutorial which was featured at Home Stories A2Z and also broadcast on the BlogHer network, so I won’t spend much time here. (But here are the links, in case you are interested: How to Decorate a Christmas Mantel Tutorial and My Rustic Red & Turquoise Christmas Mantel)

Here’s some other things you’ll find around the room…

This 9-ft monster tree replaced our tiny 7-ft slim tree this year.  Not exactly sure how I feel about him yet.  (I’m partial to little trees.)

Red & Turquoise Christmas Tree Decor

Turquoise and red Christmas Tree

Christmas Decorating Ideas: Red & Turquoise

My ‘big’ decor discovery in 2011 was plate hangers!  As you see, I can’t seem to get enough of them…

Christmas Wall decor plates

Here’s another corner of the room that I don’t photograph often…

I replaced everything in this little cabinet with glass to really highlight the pop of red and turquoise on top.  If that sounds like a lot of unnecessary work just for Christmas decorating, well you’re probably right!  But it needed to be done, anyway.  (P.S. You might also want to check out how I completely changed this cabinet, which was a fun, early 2011 project!)

Red & Turquoise Cottage Christmas Decor

Red & Turquoise Christmas Vignette

And, what would Christmas be without some holiday decor reading?

The Kitchen / Dining Room

OK, I must warn you that now we’re heading into the land of half-finished Christmas decorating.

But I do have some things completed, like this little tree, which sits between the dining area and my kitchen island.

Cottage Christmas Tree - Kitchen

I also re-organized my ‘china’ cabinet, which was  a long over-due project.  Nothing like the holidays to give you the kick in the pants you need to make things pretty!  I pulled out my glass snowman plates (from Crate & Barrel about 10 years ago, maybe) and stacked them up against my turquoise dinner plates…and added lots of pops of red.

Christmas Decorating

I also added a red linen table cloth…to make the table more festive.  It usually wears a cream one.

Cottage Christmas Table Decor

The tray in the center of the table has a little Christmas vignette…

Christmas Decorating Ideas - Kitchen

And this jar is filled with lots of sweet treats.  Shhhh, don’t tell the kidlets!

Christmas Decor Ideas

I also added some little pops of Christmas cheer over my stove…but I’m not sure how long this plate will last here.  One of my 2-year old boys says “it’s scare-weeee”!)

Christmas Decorating

and above my cabinets…

Kitchen Christmas Decor

…and on my countertop.

Free Christmas Printable - Subway Art

The TV Room / Playroom

The next stop on my Christmas home tour is our TV Room / Playroom area in the basement (which we just finished developing about 6 months ago).  I just finished putting together a Dr. Seuss-themed tree for my sweet kiddies. It is my FAVORITE Christmas thing in the whole house!  I’ve been planning this tree all year.  Almost everything on this tree is handmade by moi, with a few exceptions.  I just posted about this tree in detail last night, so if you want to check it out more closely just click on over here:  My Dr Seuss Christmas Tree! I also posted awhile back about the things I’ve been collecting for this tree (Dr. Seuss-Inspired Christmas Tree: Handmade Decorations).

Dr. Seuss Christmas Tree Decor

DIY Dr. Seuss Christmas Tree Decorations

DIY Dr. Seuss Christmas Tree Decorations2

Miss G’s Room

And if 3 trees weren’t enough, here’s the little ballerina tree that we decorated in my 7-year old daughter’s bedroom.  I know the title of this post promised red and turquoise, but this one’s an exception! It’s decorated to match her bedroom, so it’s wrapped with green and pink sinamay, and is adorned with everything from tiaras to ballet slippers to recital photos. To see more about this tree, check out the post: Pretty Little Ballerina Tree.

Ballerina Christmas Tree Decor

Christmas Tree for ballerina

Dance-Inspired Christmas Tree

And, that’s it! I hope you enjoyed the tour!  Thanks so much for coming by.

Happy holidays to you and yours,



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  1. Susie LaBelle says

    Is the Jingle Bells, Chestnuts Roasting, White Christmas picture a printable? Do you know where I can get it? LOVE the turquoise and red, I’m doing that color scheme this year :) LOTS of great ideas!!!

  2. Dawn Ledesma says

    Absolutely LOVE the decor! I must ask, wherever did you get that NYC picture? This is a must have! We love NYC and that picture is awesome!

    • Kerri says

      Thanks so much, Dawn! I think I may have gotten that piece at HomeSense (in Canada). Hope you have a happy holiday season. ~Kerri

    • Kerri says

      Thanks Joy! I’ve been loving on this color combo for awhile now. So happy you liked it! Happy holidays, Kerri

  3. says

    Boy do I LOVE your Christmas decor! You are making me feel like I didn’t do a thing though… I better stop looking at all your fabulous stuff before I cry…

    • Kerri says

      Thank you so much Julia! And thanks for hosting the Hooked on Houses home tours. ~Kerri, A Pop of Pretty

  4. Lynette says

    Fabulous job! LOVE the red and turquoise, and all the little touches in each room. I still marvel at how you manage to put it all together and get everything else done too! I am still putting up my tree today! This is the latest I have ever been! Currently sewing burlap ribbon. I’ve got a silver, cream, and blue scheme going, but we’ll see how it evolves! Thanks for the inspiration once again!

    • Kerri says

      Thanks so much Lynette. I know how you feel about red (lol), so I am happy you like it!! I think you were one of the first ones to mention the idea of using red with my turquoise things. I have to say, I am really liking it! It’s a happy combo. Re how I manage to get it all done…well…I’ve been surviving on 4-5 hours of sleep a night since getting back from NYC and it’s starting to catch up with me! And you really don’t want to see the pile of laundry building up in my mudroom, teehee. As much as I love decorating, I love the idea of sitting and enjoying it just as much…so, maybe in a few days. I can’t wait to see what you are pulling together. It sounds like its going to be amazing. Talk soon, Kerri

  5. says

    Can I just say I love the turquoise and red! Looking through this post made me smile.. especially the little snowflakes coming down, how fun! Thanks for sharing :) -Frances

    • Kerri says

      I’m so happy it made you smile. I have to say, it really is a happy color combination. So glad you came by. Happy Holidays, Frances. ~Kerri

  6. says

    I LOVE your red and turquoise color scheme. Those two colors go so well together and it is a refreshing change from all the white and burlap I see in blogland :)

    • Kerri says

      Thanks so much, Rhondi! And thanks for validating the color choices, as I thought about doing a white and burlap look. I love that look too! Happy holidays! ~Kerri

  7. says

    Kerri, I love your turquoise and red color scheme!!! How fun and festive! Gorgeous and I hope you enjoy your beautifully decked out home and the Christmas season!

    • Kerri says

      Thank you so much Melissa! And, thanks for hosting such a great party – I’m loving all the house tours! Happy holidays!!~Kerri

    • Kerri says

      Thanks so much, SFG! The chair covers were actually a DIY project, and my tutorial is on my site, as well as on Tip Junkie Decorating. Maybe a project for you?!? I appreciate your sweet comments! Happy holidays ~Kerri