Easter Ideas: 10 Fab Decor Finds

Happy Friday peeps! Well, with Easter just 3 weeks away, it’s time to start thinking about Easter ideas!

By now, you probably know that I’m all kinds of crazy about seasonal decorating. Every season has it’s own beauty, but I find that Easter decorating is especially good for the soul.  After a long winter, who can resist pretty pastel colors and sweet baby animals? … Keep on reading —>

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Tulip Therapy

So. Apparently, it’s Spring.  You know…that season between Winter and Summer where tulips begin to peek through the soil? Kinda like this…

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not bitter. I’m totally happy for any of you who are basking in Spring weather. (OK, so maybe that was written with a hint of sarcasm ;-).) Spring comes late here at the best of times. … Keep on reading —>

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Easter Decorating Ideas: Dip-dyed eggs and paper bunnies!

Easter decorating ideas

I got my ‘grown-up’ Easter decorating fix with a few projects over the last couple of weeks.  If you are looking for easy diy Easter decorating ideas, you might want to check out my simple Easter mantel, my shabby chic Easter wreath, or my pretty hydrangea globes.

For Easter, I mostly decorate for the kids’ enjoyment.  You know the stuff…pastel dip-dyed eggs, homemade construction paper bunnies…that kind of thing.… Keep on reading —>

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Easter Decorating Ideas: How to make a wreath for Easter, Shabby Chic-Style!

I love coming up with new Easter decorating ideas.  But sometimes, what you imagined in your head when you started a project, ends up being a whole lot different in reality.  Sometimes ‘different’ means it ends up prettier than you imagined. Those projects are the best, aren’t they?!? But, sometimes, ‘different’ can mean that it doesn’t quite live up to your vision.… Keep on reading —>

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Easter Decorating Ideas: Decorate a Simple Easter Mantel!

If you have a mantel, shelf, or console table, you don’t have to look far for Easter decorating ideas.  A few weeks ago, I decorated amy fireplace mantel for Spring (my Singing in the Rain Spring Mantel below) which I fully intended to keep around through Easter.  But while de-cluttering our storage closet a few days ago, I came across my stash of Easter decor.  … Keep on reading —>

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Celebrating with a Green Snowman (St. Patrick’s Day)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day weekend!

We had a spring snowstorm yesterday at my sister’s place in Nova Scotia, where we are spending the weekend.  But the kiddies made the best of it!

Here’s Miss G with my sweet niece and nephew…

Hope you’re doing something that involves a green snowman…

…or a Guinness!

See you next week,

Kerri :-)

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How to decorate seasonally: Use framed scrapbook paper!

Using framed stationary or scrapbook paper to decorate your home is a great way to change things up seasonally, without going to the expense of buying new accessories that will only be used for a short time.

By now, you all should know that I’m a huge fan of scrapbook paper!  I swear I could spend an hour or more in the stationary aisle at Michael’s.  … Keep on reading —>

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DIY Easter Decor / Craft Idea: Pretty Hydrangea Globes!

It’s an ironic day to talk about a diy Spring craft that can be used for Easter decorating, considering we woke up to snow this morning.  (Or, maybe that makes it the perfect day!)  Either way, I think I jinxed myself.

Brrrrrr!  On to more Spring-like pictures!

My favorite flower is the hydrangea. Hydrangeas are generally considered a spring flower, and are widely available at Easter.  … Keep on reading —>

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My Easter Mantel + BH&G Real Home Spring & Easter Mantel Decorating Ideas.

I thought I’d share some fun news.  My Easter Mantel from last year has been featured by Better Homes and Gardens home decorating ideas!  You can find it by clicking here: Better Homes & Gardens - Real Home Spring & Easter Mantel Decorating Ideas.

Easter decorating ideas - Easter mantel

This mantel was also featured on HGTV.com earlier this year in an article by Layla Palmer of The Lettered Cottage called “Decorating Your Mantel Year-Round”.Keep on reading —>

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