halloween_kraftcandies_1959 from retro adverto

Vintage Home Decor Ads (7 of 31): 1959 Kraft Caramel Candy Pumpkin!

Happy Friday!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the first week of my “31 Days” Series on Vintage Home Decor Advertising.  In case you are just joining in and would like to play catch up, here’s what I’ve covered so far…colored toilet seats and plumbing fixtures, vinyl uphostery, retro lawn furniture, vintage pyrex, and linoluem floor tile!  It’s been a trip!

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Tonight, I’m going to keep it easy breezy, and close the week off with a 1959 (?) (Source: Retro Adverto) ad that features a cutesy Halloween  display, made from Kraft caramel candies! Yup, the very same candies that our kids still get by the handfuls in their Halloween treat bags!  Apparently, good things are simply timeless.

And, just in case you are feeling a little piggish, it might be nice to know that, as the copy reads, “there’s the protein and minerals of 20 ounces of milk in one pound!”  So be sure to eat the whole pound, ok?  Or, you could just drink 20 ounces of milk.  Just sayin’.

Source: Retro Adverto

A very Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadian friends!

Kerri :-)


  1. says

    I’ve really been enjoying your ads! This one reminds me that they don’t seem to make the ‘fudgey’ dark caramels anymore though…..and I loved those!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! What part of the country are you in? (I’m in Toronto)

    • Kerri says

      Hi Carol-Anne! That’s so cool that you are Canadian too.! I’m on the east coast! Have a lovely weekend! Kerri