1972 Noritake China, Source: vintageadbrowsercom

31 Days of Vintage Home Decor Ads: My Final Post!

As tomorrow is October 31st, this is going to be my last post in my 31 Days Series on vintage home decor advertising.  I will miss it!  By digging up these old ads, I learned a lot about vintage decorating that I didn’t know before.  And, because ‘old’ always becomes new again – whether in fashion or home decor – I now feel a little more able to appreciate the history behind ’emerging’ decor trends.  At the same time, it will be nice to have the series behind me.  It’s hard to commit to posting here e–verrrr–y day! I’m not a full-time blogger – not even close.

Plus, I’m getting excited about the holiday season that is fast approaching (insert a happy dance here)!  That means I’m looking forward to sharing holiday craft and decorating ideas over the next month.

Tonight, to end off the series , I’m going to share some of the remaining ads that I collected.  I know that normally I add some context and insight around the ads for you, but frankly, tonight I’m pooped. I think you’ll enjoy them nonetheless.  I love how, as a collection, they show how our culture evolved over the past 5 decades – especially the  the role of and portrayal of women.  That’s the beauty of vintage ads.  They are little windows on the past.

So here you go…

vintage decor ad

1954 Dixie Cup Dispenser! Source: adclassic.com

vintage decorating - Samsonite

Samsonite Folding Chairs, 1956

vintage advertising - 1963 GE fridge

1963 GE Refigerator Ad, Source: vintageadbrowser.com


Vintage Decor 1968 Fieldcrest Towel

1968 Fieldcrest Towels, Source: vintageadbrowser.com


vintage martex ad 1970

1970 Martex Towels, Source:vintageadbrowser.com

vintage home 1972 Noritake China

1972 Noritake China, Source: vintageadbrowsercom

I hope you’ve enjoyed the series!  A huge thanks to those of you who visited regularly!

And…congrats to all the other 700+ bloggers who committed to a 31 Days Series of their own.  You rock!

Have a safe and happy Halloween!



  1. says

    Since I’ve told you this almost every day, you KNOW that I just loved your series! Like you, I’m glad it’s over. It’s exhausting trying to post every day!
    Glad to have ‘met’ you over the course of this, and I look forward to continuing to read, now that we’re done!

  2. says

    OMG: Those Noritake plates–that’s my living room colour scheme! I want those plates.
    Thanks so much for this series Kerri. It’s been a ton of fun.