Christmas Tree Decor Red and Turquoise

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas: How to Change Your Color Scheme Affordably

The thing I love best about seasonal decorating, especially coming up with new Christmas tree decorating ideas, is the creative process.  Our Christmas tree never looks the same because I enjoy the process of mixing things up. Every year, I like sorting through our bins of Christmas decorations, and deciding how I can use them differently. I’m a bit of a decorating geek like that.

Turquoise & Red Christmas Tree, 2012

Christmas Tree Decor Red and Turquoise

That said, I realize that having a root canal might be more fun for some people! I’m pretty sure that sticking with the same Christmas tree decorations every year is what most normal people do since using a ‘tried and true’ formula is a major time saver at a crazy time of year. I’m not normal – clearly!

Silver, Turquoise & Green Christmas Tree, 2011

Turquoise Christmas Tree Decorations

If you’re normal 😉 but getting a little bored with your Christmas decorating, or if you drool over beautifully, color-coordinated ‘designer Christmas trees’, I thought I’d share a few ideas on how to easily change your Christmas tree color scheme this year without breaking the bank.

Brown, Green and Silver Christmas Tree, 2010

Christmas Tree Decorating Brown and Olive Green

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas:

How to Change Your Color Scheme (Affordably):

  • We all have ornaments which fall into two groups: special ones and what I call ‘filler’.  The special ones have sentimental value, while the ‘filler’ are just bulbs that we buy to fill the branches in between.  Sure, some of these filler ornaments are nicer and more expensive than others, but none of them are particularly meaningful.
  • Start by pulling out all of the most special, meaningful ornaments that you want to include each and every year – like the ornament from your grandma’s tree, or the one you’ve had since childhood.  You’ll always find a way to incorporate these no matter what your color scheme. (Plus, going forward, try and store them in a separate box / bin each year so that you can easily locate them every Christmas.)

How to change your Christmas color scheme

  • Next, from your ‘filler’ ornaments, pull out everything that can be considered ‘neutral’ in color – e.g., whites, creams, pewters, silvers., etc..  I like to store that stuff separately too, because it can usually work with any color scheme.
  • Figure out what you have leftover by color: reds, greens, blues, etc.. If you have the time or inclination, organize it that way (uh huh, like that’s gonna happen!); otherwise, do it mentally.
  • Now, choose a new color scheme. One of the tricks to creating a ‘designer Christmas tree’ is choosing a coordinated color combination.  Personally, I try and keep it to two colors (plus silver or white) at most.
  • To make it affordable to change things up, at least one of the colors in your new scheme should be one that you already have on hand in sufficient quantity.
  • Your second color could also be from your existing ornaments.  But if you’re thinking about a more trendy color combination, you might need to either shop for some new filler decorations in that particular shade, or spray paint some old ones.  Adding new ribbon or deco-mesh/ sinamay is also an affordable way to add a pop of your new color.
  • Put all other colored ornaments you have on hand aside for another year. If you’re anything like me, you WILL use them again eventually, so don’t give them away or toss them!

Here’s how this process worked for me over the past few years:

Color-coordinated Christmas Trees

This year, I think I’m going back to the brown decorations, and adding in some champagne metallics.  I might add some turquoise too; I’ll have to see how it all feels once I start decorating!

Do you enjoy the process of decorating your Christmas tree differently each year, or do you stick with the same?  What color(s) are you using this year?  I’d love to hear!

Until next time,

P.S. I’m sharing this tip at Beth’s!

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  1. says

    I do a different color scheme or theme every year! Last year we did a burlap, red and silver country themed tree; this year I am switching out the bright red with burgundy for a more Victorian theme.

  2. says

    I get bored with having the same old tree every year too! This year I will have 2 trees- One big one in the living room and a smaller, artificial tree in my office. The main tree will be mostly red and gold and the other will be all white and silver. I have a tiny white tabletop tree too which I am thinking of doing in pink and aqua like your previous commenter!

  3. carol jane says

    I do change the colors on my tree each year. I am not a red/green/gold person at all. I know that now, because last year I decorated my tree in those traditional colors, and, well, was very unhappy with it. The tree just didnt make me smile or my heart sing with joy. So this year, i am going to go back to using my white tree, and decorate it, with what I call bright pastels. I think i am going with white, silver, and aqua, and maybe some pink too. All my adult presents will be wrapped with a glossy white solid wrap, and my REAL ribbons will be aqua, pink, and white. I did the white wrap a couple years ago, and I just loved how it looked under the tree. (I do not like busy printed wrapping paper) Thanks for your tips on making the budget go farther. We all need that, this time of year!!

    • says

      That sounds gorgeous Carol Jane! Aqua and pink are two of my favorite colors (as you can probably tell from my blog!) I’ve decorated a pink and green tree in my daughter’s room, but never pink and aqua. Hmmm…now you’ve got the wheels turning here, lol! Thanks for coming by! ~Kerri