rhinstone embellished pumpkin

Our Halloween Front Porch {Giant Glittery “Boo” Letters & Ghostly Urns}

It’s Friday (insert happy dance) and I need a change of pace.  So, I’m interrupting my regularly scheduled 31 Days of Do-It-Yourself Wall Art programming to bring you… drumroll…

Halloween on our front porch…

Halloween decorating front porch

Because two of our kids are still teeny-weenies, I went with kid-friendly whimsical Halloween decor outside  just like I did with my Halloween mantel, which I talked a bit about last week.

Decorated Halloween Mantel

Boo letters Halloween decoratingI fell  for those giant, glittery BOO letters as soon as I saw them at our local Hallmark.  The first time I spotted them, I thought, hmmmm, I could easily make those for a fraction of the price. All you’d need is styrofoam, orange paint and glitter.  But in the end, I decided to make things easier on myself and buy them this time around .  I think they were intended for a shelf or mantel, but I decided to tie them together with black ribbon and make a Halloween wreath with them instead.

{Oh, and here’s a handy  tip: In order to prevent them from blowing all over the place (they’re styrofoam and very lightweight), and glued strong magnets to the back each letter.  Since I have a steel door, the magnets help them stay in place!}

I created ghosts our of my spruce tree urns by layering cheesecloth and ripped white fabric on top of stiff bright purple mesh (the kind of fabric used to make dress crinolines) which helped to give them some fullness. To create the head, I simply wrapped a piece of string tightly around the top of the tree.  They turned out a little creepier looking than I was expecting, so I glue-gunned on some big googly eyes to cute-ify them.  (Apparently, I have a thing for googly eyes – last year, I created a bat-wreath with big googly eyes too!)

Ghost urns Halloween Decorating

The fabric just kinda blows all over the place with every gust of wind, but it just makes them a little more ghostly!

ghost topiary halloween front porch

I decided to get in on the trend of embellished pumpkins, and added a little rhinestone spider and a purple bow to a couple of mini-pumpkins.

rhinstone embellished pumpkin

Boo wreath Halloween

Our neighbourhood is starting to look a lot like Halloween.

How about you?

Are things getting “Scary-Spooky” in your neck of the woods?

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Catch you tomorrow for some more great wall art ideas!

Have a fab weekend,

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