Wall Art from Paint Chips!

I’m not sure it’s a good thing that this 31 Days of Do-It-Yourself Wall Art Series is feeding my craft and decor addiction!  For a wall art fanatic like me, it’s gonna take a whole lot of self-discipline not to dive into a bunch of these projects.  I love them all.  But, sadly, I have limited wall space available for any more art (darn open concept!)  Tonight’s idea isn’t helping matters any!

Have you ever thought of creating wall art from paint chips? Well, if not, you’ll find boatloads of inspiration out there in cyberspace.  Just Google it and you’ll see!  The great thing about paint chips is that they often contain graduated shades of the same color. With just a few different paint chips, you can create a beautifully color-coordinated piece of art.  (Plus, it’s great to re-use / re-purpose something you might otherwise toss.)


Photo credits – including the featured image – to Spunky Junky

via source Lovestitched

Art from paint chips


I’ve seen paint chips used in a bunch of different ways for wall art.  Sometimes whole paint chips are used, and other times, the chips are arranged into a graphic pattern like Herringbone or stripes.  I tend to fall for the pieces that use punched shapes like the butterfly specimen art above. It was created using a butterfly punch and dimensional glue pops.  (Click the source link for the tutorial).

Punched paint chips can also be used to create contemporary art as this colorful piece shows.  Apparently, the piece was made by punching small round circles from Benjamin Moore paint chips and then organizing them alphabetically.  Can I just say kudos to whoever had the patience for this project?  I think I would have given up by the second row!


Paint chip wall art

Photo credits to Terrat Elms Interior Design via source Houzz.com

Pretty cool, yes?  Paint chips are Idea #18 in my 31 Days Series on DIY Wall Art Ideas!  You can find a list of the other 17 ideas so far over in my right sidebar!

P.S. It goes without saying, but please use/take paint chips responsibly!


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