Easter Cookie Recipe: The Simplest Ever

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Are you looking for a simple, last minute Easter cookie recipe? When I found an easy, no-bake Easter cookie that has just 3 ingredients, I was all over it! When it comes to ‘baking’, don’t ya just love a good ol’  NO BAKE recipe?  Um, hello!  It’s a no-brainer for a non-baker like me!

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No Bake Easter Cookie: Ingredients

All you need for these fun bird nests is:

  • a large bag of milk chocolate chips
  • two bags of pretzel sticks (the ones you find in the chips aisle)
  • a bag of jelly beans or mini-eggs
  • wax paper on a baking sheet or tray

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No Bake Easter Cookie: Recipe

1.Keep on reading —>

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Easter Decorating: Simple & Pretty

Easter decorating

Even though Easter is late this year, the never-ending-winter-of-2014 made it seem like it crept up quickly.  Until about a week ago, it still felt like mid-February, so I didn’t have much Easter decorating spirit. But it suddenly starting to feel a little spring-like here (yay for that!), and I can’t tell you how happy it made me to finally hang this Easter basket our front door last week. … Keep on reading —>

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Easter Ideas: 10 Fab Decor Finds

Easter ideas

Happy Friday peeps! Well, with Easter just 3 weeks away, it’s time to start thinking about Easter ideas!

By now, you probably know that I’m all kinds of crazy about seasonal decorating. Every season has it’s own beauty, but I find that Easter decorating is especially good for the soul.  After a long winter, who can resist pretty pastel colors and sweet baby animals? … Keep on reading —>

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Tulip Therapy


So. Apparently, it’s Spring.  You know…that season between Winter and Summer where tulips begin to peek through the soil? Kinda like this…

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not bitter. I’m totally happy for any of you who are basking in Spring weather. (OK, so maybe that was written with a hint of sarcasm ;-).) Spring comes late here at the best of times. … Keep on reading —>

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Best wallpaper for creating warmth. (Hands down.)

best wallpaper texture

Bonjour my decorating friends! Well, if you’ve opened a decorating magazine in the past year, you’ve certainly noticed that graphic wallpaper is all the rage. Despite my own wallpaper trauma and aversion (resulting from our first fixer upper), I’ve been so wooed by these new wallpapers that I even decided to create a wallpaper accent in our master bedroom which I shared awhile back.… Keep on reading —>

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Home Accessories: My Decorating Kryptonite

home accessories featured image

Here’s a true fact that you might not know about me: I’m a chronic changer around-er.  When it comes to home accessories, I’m always moving things!   I swear, if you were to visit me every month, our house would never be the same way twice. I could be watching a perfectly entertaining episode of The Good Wife, and bam, my decorating subconscious rearranges the room.… Keep on reading —>

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A Letter to Las Vegas {The Softer Side of Sin City}

Las Vegas

Dear Las Vegas:


Sorry I misjudged you.

I bet you get that all the time, right?

I mean, you must know what they say about you, right?

They say you’re all bachelor parties and casinos.

Las Vegas Vegas Pictures 8

They call you Sin City.

Las Vegas Pictures 1


Las Vegas Pictures 2

They say you’re rough around the edges.

Las Vegas Pictures 3

They say: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Las Vegas Pictures 5

That’s why I used to think you were all kinds of crazy.… Keep on reading —>

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10 Favorite Winter Products {aka A Canadian Girl’s Guide to Winter}

nunuuk best slippers

So have you have enough of Winter – or should I say, the Polar Vortex – yet?!?

It even got frosty in the southern United States this winter – crazy stuff.  Here in Canada, I’m used to freezing temperatures and snow this time of year.  But the Polar Vortex has made for an even colder Winter than usual.

I wish I could say that I enjoy Winter, but this Canadian is not a Winter girl.… Keep on reading —>

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More Kitchen Storage: How to Re-claim Space You Already Have!

more kitchen storage

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions, but I did start 2014 with some home organization goals, the biggest one being more kitchen storage space!  If I had to take a wild guess, I’d say we were operating at 50% capacity of what started out as perfectly adequate kitchen 5 years ago. Half of it: poof, gone!

More Kitchen storage space - 5 tips

Funny how that happens, isn’t it?… Keep on reading —>

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