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Map Art and Mini-Masterpieces {Plus, in other news: 25 is the new 31!}

Have you noticed? Yup. I’ve fallen behind in this 31 Days of DIY Wall Art project. In my defense, I did warn you, lol.  I really thought I could stay on top of posting every day for the month of October, but I’m realizing that I bit off more than I can chew. So, I’m gonna put up the white flag, and state the obvious: I probably won’t get all the way to 31 DIY Wall Art Ideas before Halloween. I know, I know – I can hear the earth shattering beneath my feet :-). Instead, I’m now setting a more realistic goal of 25 Ideas. That’s a nice round number, don’t ya think?!?


Here’s two more diy wall decor ideas that I’ve talked about here before, and still LOVE.

Idea #21: Decorating with Maps

Decorating with maps has definitely been on trend over the past year or two, and I’m still smitten. There’s just something about a huge wall map – or a gallery wall of framed maps – that strikes all the right notes for me.

It’s a great way to add some visual interest in a child’s room or nursery.

Source and photo credits: Sissy & Marley via Apartment Therapy

But don’t be fooled into thinking maps are just for kids’ rooms.  Just look at how map art in subdued hues has been incorporated into the stunning master bedroom at The Painted Hive.  This is a great example of how framed maps can help create an eclectic vibe in a room with ‘collected style’.

diy map decor

Source and all photo credits to The Painted Hive.


Idea #22: Displaying Kids’ Art

I wrote about creative ways to display kids’ art awhile back.  I think  that using your kids’ art as wall decor is probably about the most special and affordable way to decorate your walls!  Let’s face it, as parents, we all have boxes or file folders filled with little masterpieces that had too much sentimental value to throw out.  Why not give them new life?

I love how this art wall uses a combination of framed and unframed art – with some pieces simply pinned up.  It gives the whole display such a casual and welcoming feeling.

gallery wall kids art

 Source and all photo credits to: Simple Thoughts via

If you like a bit more order than this arrangement, try placing a series of your child’s art in same-sized frames for consistency, or hanging a pretty bulletin board in a high traffic area where pieces can be easily switched out from time to time.  I’ve also seen examples where art is hung from wooden pant hangers or clipboards, and then each piece is hung on a wall hook.  Both are great solutions for changing up your kids’ art regularly.

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