(W)hoop (W)hoop! Embroidery Hoops as Wall Art (Idea #7)

It’s Day 7 in my 31 Days series on DIY Wall Art and tonight I’m sharing one of my latest diy wall art crushes: embroidery hoops!  When I first spotted this wall art idea on Pinterest awhile back, I had a serious ooh-la-la moment, and I’ve been hooked on it ever since.

(Note: Featured photo from Owly Baby blog)

While I haven’t tried it yet in my own home, I think it would work well with my more casual decorating style – perhaps as part of a gallery wall grouping, or in my 8yo daughter’s room.  I just adore this bright and happy arrangment by Owly Baby blog.
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Source and all photo credits to the blog, Owly Baby

I think embroidery hoops look fab grouped together into an eclectic collection (filled with vintage or mod fabric).  But  they can easily stand alone as a vibrant pop of pattern or color in a room too.

embroidery hoop art

 Source: Apartment Therapy


What I love so much about this wall art idea is that the fabric can be easily switched out on a whim to create a different look.  diy decor embroidery hoop wall art

Source: Houzz.com: http://www.houzz.com/photos/33016/
As credited to the blog, The Locker.


Plus, because they’re circular, they are a great way to add movement and visual interest to an otherwise square display.  They work well that way like using plates as wall art.

embroidery hoop wall decor

Source: Houzz.com: http://www.houzz.com/photos/32867/
As credited to the blog Strictly Simple Style.


diy embroidery hoop art
Source: Houzz.com: http://www.houzz.com/photos/765273/
As credited to the blog IHeartOrganizing.


The best part? Embroidery hoops are totally affordable.  I’ve read that you can often find them at thrift stores for a steal. Those thrift store hoops must be cast-aways from all the 1990s cross-stitchers like me!  Did I just date myself?!?

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(P.S. If you missed yesterday’s idea, you can find some tips on how to find free printables here. Throughout October, I’ll be posting lots more ideas in this DIY Wall Art series over here!)

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