Fall Wreath

Fall Wreath Time! (My New Wreath: Texture vs Color)

So I’ve been using the same DIY Fall wreath for years.  I made it at least 10 years ago, and every year, I perk it up a little by adding something new.  Last year it was burlap. I still like it a lot, but this Fall, I had the itch to make something entirely new.  Since my usual Fall wreath is full of color, I decided to go a different route.  That way, I can switch them up from year to year for a different look.


Here’s last year-and-every-year-before-that’s wreath, full of colorful leaves and fruit…


DIY Fall Wreath with fall leaves and burlap


And, here’s this year’s Fall wreath!

. I

DIY Fall Wreath with burlap ribbon


It lacks all that traditional Fall color, but makes up for it in natural texture from the grapevine, dried leaves, and a variety of burlap ribbons. The glittery sunflowers add a bit of fun.


DIY Fall Wreath.

I’m a huge fan of sunflowers, so when I found this fun twist on them at Michaels, I knew I had to have them.  I mean, seriously, burlap + sparkles in a SUNFLOWER? Um, I’m thinking this might be how sunflowers look in heaven.


Fall Wreath

I’ll be adding some other Fall decor to the front porch in the coming days or week, which I’ll share when it all comes together!  With 3 small kiddos, my seasonal decorating adventures have to happen in stages these days.  Gone are the days when I could spend hours on the front porch playing around with boxes of potential decor.  If it’s gonna happen at all, it has to be in baby steps!


Have you hung a Fall wreath yet? Do you decorate your front porch for Fall? Tell me all about it!


Have a fun weekend.


  1. Mikki says

    I love the new wreath! The older one is beautiful as well. The new one invokes a deep calm breath. A more simplistic view of the season.

  2. Diana Gallardo says

    For fall I bring out the Friendship candles, scarecrows, corn, cornstalks, pumpkins, and haystacks. I have a small area in front of my front door. I live to place the pumpkins under the plants and under the straw. I place my scarecrows inside my pine trees. I tie back cornstalk io each side of the door and place more pumpkins and haystacks to the side of each haystack.
    I tie the corn ( about 7) to each other and add an autumn color ribbon for added color onto the storm door. It hangs like a doorknob and visitors do knock on the door with the corn! The Friendship candles are placed around the windows and are on timers. I love to decorate!

  3. says

    They’re both beautiful, but I think I’m going to try the one in ‘earth tones’ … I have a fall-colored one for my back door (and, no, it’s not up yet … not willing to let go of summer just yet, altho I love fall in New England!) Great ideas … great site … Thanks!!

  4. says

    I’d like to think sunflowers look that way in Heaven too! :O)

    Now that the paint is dry in the living room, I can finally start to think in terms of decoration. DH thinks he might want to build an entertainment center (he’s already built me a counter in the kitchen and a desk for his office). Maybe by Halloween I can get up to decorating speed. So far, I’ve put up a painting my mother had made for me one Christmas of her home town in Switzerland.


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