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How to Add Ribbon to a Christmas Tree

How to add ribbon to a Christmas tree is a question that I get asked a lot. So today, I thought I’d show you how I added the ribbon to my own Christmas tree this year.  There are lots of different techniques and tips out there on how to add ribbon to a Christmas tree, and they really depend on the look you are trying to achieve.

This method uses an assortment of wired ribbon and gives a loose, less structured, more natural look. It also gives the illusion that you used a lot more ribbon than you did (um, yay!), so it’s great for big trees.  Our Christmas tree is 9 feet tall.

how to add ribbon to a Christmas tree


How to Add Ribbon to a Christmas Tree: Step by Step


Step 1: Start with an empty tree.

First, start with an empty Christmas tree (lights only). You should always add ribbon to a Christmas tree before adding anything else. It makes it so much easier than having to work around ornaments.  Plus, it allows you to get the ribbon deep into the tree, which is what creates the fullness you’re looking for.

Step 2: Cut your ribbon.

Purchase several coordinating ribbons (on a roll) in different widths and textures.  Craft stores like Michaels usually have a great selection this time of year.  Then cut strips from three different rolls at a time, each strip should be about 4ft long. To get a flowing effect, I simply let the ribbon fall of the roll naturally.

Add ribbon to a Christmas tree

Step 4: Create ribbon ‘bundles’.

Once you have cut a 4-inch strip from each of your 3 coordinating ribbon rolls, lay two of the strips on top of each other and pinch them in the middle. Next, tie the third strip tightly around the other two to create a little bundle.

how to add ribbon to a Christmas tree

Add ribbon to a Christmas tree tutorial

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  1. It says 4-inch pieces of ribbon, that wouldn’t hang down but 2-inch on each side, did you mean 4-foot? BTW your tree is beautiful!

  2. Just gorgeous, i need this tip, i am gonna redo my tree now, lol

  3. pretty! We have so many christmas tree decorations that we never have enough space for glitter or ribbons, but they are very cute indeed.

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