Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Our Newly, Neutral Christmas Tree

Any of you who read my blog regularly (and thank you if you do!) probably know that I like a good pop of color! I also like to vary the colors in my Christmas decorating each year. (Yes, I’m an alien, lol). Last year’s Christmas tree was decorated in turquoise and red, and the year before, it was turquoise and white.  I’ve also used browns and olive green in recent years. (You can see how I manage to change our Christmas tree color scheme affordably here. ) But while I love an injection of ‘happy’ during the holidays, all that saturated color sometimes makes me tired of our Christmas decorating earlier than I should be.

So, this year, I decided to do a truly neutral Christmas tree for the first time. I omitted our colorful ornaments, and opted to use just the ‘neutral’ ones – like cream, white, brown, and champagne. I also purchased a few new ones along the way ;-), but not too many.

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

(As luck would have it, our Elf on the Shelf, “Henrie-Rouge” decided that he wanted to hang out in the newly-decorated tree on the very day I wanted to take a few pics. Silly little guy.)

This neutral tree is really different for me.

brown Christmas tree decorations

I  like how it came together…

Christmas tree decorations 2012

…but I think I’m missing the punch of color I’m used to!

Owl Christmas tree decor

I’m just itching to add a few (muted) blue ornaments! My sister, who’s a fan of neutral Christmas decorating, thinks I shouldn’t mess with it. We’re decorating a tree together this week that will be auctioned for a fundraiser.  It’s going to have a touch of pale blue, so maybe I’ll get my fix then!

I think I’ll have to live my neutral tree for a few more days, and see how I feel about it.  Then maybe I’ll mess with it ;-).

Christmas tree neutral color scheme

What are your thoughts?  Keep it neutral?  Add some pale blue? Or, stop over-thinking it, and move on to important things? !?

Until next time,


  1. Ann says

    Don’t think about it anymore, consider yourself done! I think I am going neutral this year. Tired of red and green,
    and similar traditional design. Have fun with your fundraiser.

  2. says

    Oh my goodness, you truly are my decorating twin! I love your tree, and if you mess with it I’ll have to hunt you down! You could do what I am hoping to…keep the blue in the dining room, and the living room totally neutral! I wish you could see my tree now…covered in champagne and burlap ribbon I purchased from Michaels ages ago before it was all bought up (see, twin syndrome). But alas, the rest of the tree is still bare! I’m up to my eyes this Christmas…moving to Paris! And get this…the house we are hoping for (fingers double crossed) has red (yes I said RED) kitchen cabinets. Thought you would get a chuckle out of that 😉 Your tree is stunning girl! I’m hoping I have enough neutral stuff in my stash to fill mine up tomorrow! Here’s to hoping it comes out even half as nice as yours! Take care!!