Beach Summer Mantel Decor 7

Beach-Inspired Summer Mantel

By now, you know I love decorating my fireplace mantel for different seasons and holidays.  This year’s been a little different: it actually hasn’t changed all that much!  I’m not gonna lie: I’ve enjoyed the ease and simplicity of keeping things the same for awhile.  But we brought home some pretty beach rocks recently, so I created a beach-y summer mantel with photos of the kids from that beach visit, along with lots of natural beach texture.

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Beach-Inspired Summer Mantel Display…


Beach Summer Mantel Decor 5


A beach-themed summer mantel is so easy to create. And, hello, who doesn’t like free? If you have shells or other beach treasures from a vacation – or if you live near a beach like I am lucky enough to – then voila, you have everything you need to decorate a gorgeous summer mantel display.


Beach Summer Mantel Decor 7


I also love the idea of adding beach photos to make it personal.  Beach photos of my kids are among my favourite things in the history of ever. (Also see: ‘Beach Photo’ Summer Mantel 2012)

Summer Beach Mantel Decor6

There is so much texture in natural beach items like shells, starfish, beach rocks, coral and urchins. Things from the beach truly are a decorator’s dream.

Summer Beach Mantel Decor 1

The trick to creating a great beach-inspired summer mantel display is not to care too much about how it looks. Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m all over not caring too much. Summer should be all about keeping things laid back, so don’t be too fussy about placing things. Just layer shells and rocks and photos in a way that makes you happy.  It doesn’t have to be ‘perfect’.

Summer Beach Mantel Decor

And, can I just tell you that I’m just a little bit gaga over that gold sailboat?  It’s one of the few things on this summer mantel display that you can’t find at the beach, lol.  Gosh, though, wouldn’t it be awesome if the waves left little gold sailboats behind with the tide?!?  Dreamy.

Summer Beach Mantel Decor4

Oh how I love you, HomeSense. When I spotted it, I had to have it.  I mean gold and a sailboat together?  That my friends, is my definition of perfection!

Summer Beach Mantel Decor2


Hope I’ve inspired you to add a little beach to your home this summer.

Have a fun-filled beach-y summer weekend! Head to the beach and get yourself some summer mantel decor!

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  1. Sheila S. says

    Love everything about your beachy themed mantel. The soft neutral colors & how you layered your decor in just the centre of the mantel.