do-it-yourself wall art collection

DIY Wall Art Idea #3: Dig out that dusty shoebox of…

If you’ve been following my blog, it should come as no surprise that one of my favorite diy decorating projects is to create wall art and wall art groupings.  That’s why I chose DIY Wall Art as my topic for the ‘31 Days’ party going on at blogs all over the place for the month of October.

Every day in October, I’ll post an easy and affordable way to create fab wall art. If you’re new here, or if you haven’t been by in a few days, you can catch up here (Create a Free, Frameable Family Monogram) and here (Group Things You Love: Gallery Walls!).

Today’s idea is the third in this series, and is one of my all-time favorites.  Can you guess what I used to create this art collection in my 8-year old daughter’s room?

DIY Wall Art Decor

Here’s a hint:  Each print was less than $5.

do-it-yourself wall art collection

Here’s another: you probably have a bunch of these stock-piled in a shoe-box.

how to create your own wall art

If you guessed greeting cards, then you were right!

Framed greeting cards are one of the best ways to create a gorgeous art collection.  For one thing, most of us have years’ worth of cards given to us on special occasions saved in a shoebox somewhere.  What could be better than free and meaningful?  The other option is to head to your favorite card store and buy some card(s) with beautiful imagery.  When you compare them to the cost of prints, greeting cards are a bargain.

I fell in love with this series of bright, colorful Papyrus greeting cards while browsing for a birthday card back in the summer. I am in the middle of giving my 8-year old daughter’s bedroom a mini-makeover, and I knew these would be perfect for her wall. I liked that they were an age-appropriate way to indulge her growing fashionista tendencies ;-).

decorating with greeting card wall art

diy decorating wall art

So what are you waiting for? Go find that box stuffed full of old cards, and see what treasures you can dig up!

Until next time,

(P.S. If you missed yesterday’s idea, you can find some tips on how to groups things you love into a fab gallery wall collection here. Throughout October, I’ll be posting lots more ideas in this DIY Wall Art series over here!)

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I’m sharing this project idea with Beth…

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  1. Lori says

    I love this idea! I especially love those cards! Do you know the name of the artist? I’d love to find a box of them online!

    • says

      I’m not sure, but I can check the back of one of the cards next time I’m in G’s room. If I find it, I’ll post the answer here for you! Thanks for coming by! ~Kerri

  2. says

    Great art! These images are gorgeous. No one would ever know the source of such pretty pictures. I like the frames you chose too. The frames had to have a real thickness to handle the bright colours in the cards.