Dr. Seuss Christmas Tree

Our Dr. Seuss Christmas Tree! (2012)

If you read my blog last Christmas, you might remember that I created a full-on Dr. Seuss-themed Christmas tree for our basement family room!  Well, it’s up again (yay!), and we’re still just as excited about it.

Decorate a Dr. Seuss Christmas Tree

The best thing is that this year, our 3-year old boys really ‘get it’.  Last year, they were kind of oblivious.  But now that they love “Cat in da Hat”, looking at the tree brings them endless enjoyment.

Cat in the Hat Christmas Tree Ornament

I didn’t make anything new for the tree this year.  I think I maxed out on handmade Dr. Seuss decoration ideas last year! (You can find a tutorial on how to make my Dr. Seuss decorations here.) But I’m loving the Dr. Seuss themed ornaments that I received last year as gifts, and a couple that I bought recently.  So, for those of you who haven’t seen last year’s posts on our Dr. Seuss tree, I thought I’d share some more pics!

Although it’s not strictly a Who-ville Christmas Tree, we definitely have lots of Grinchy ornaments on it! There’s The Grinch, Cindy Lou Who, Max the Dog, and a bunch of Whovillers. The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (with Jim Carey) is our 8-year old daughter’s all-time favorite Christmas movie.  OK, I’ll admit, I seriously LOVE it too.  It’s hysterical. (“Holiday, whoby whaty?!?” Classic!)

Whoville Christmas tree

Dr. Seuss Christmas Tree Decor

Grinch Christmas Tree Ornament

Dr. Seuss Christmas Decorations Cindy Lou Who

Max the Dog Christmas Tree Decoration


A Pop of Pretty Dr. Seuss Tree

Cat in the Hat Christmas Tree Topper

In addition to Grinch decorations, there are bits of almost all the most popular Dr. Seuss books throughout the tree, like Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, and lots more.

Dr. Seuss Christmas Ornaments

Dr. Seuss Christmas Ornaments


DIY Dr. Seuss Christmas Tree Ornaments

DIY Cat in the Hat Christmas Tree Ornament

Thing 1 Thing 2 Dr. Seuss Christmas Ornament

Green Eggs and Ham Christmas Tree Decoration

And, of course, we topped it off again with the glittered up Cat in the Hat’s hat and bow-tie!

Decorate a Dr. Seuss Christmas Tree

This tree is a lot of fun to decorate (and collect for), and it makes our kids smile.

Mission accomplished ;-).

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  1. Irene Vives says

    I totally love your Cat in The Hat Tree…so whimsical I love it…I’m also doing a Cat in the hat tree…also a Grinch Tree…and wanted some ideas…your ideas were so amazing!! I needed to know how to get or make these crafts for the tree…can I buy these from you directly…I’m not very crafty myself…can you please reply back to me…Thanks Irene