Our Gold and White Christmas Tree {Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas}

The idea of a gold and white Christmas tree has been on my mind for awhile now.  I’ve been crushing on gold and white decor this year (see Sold on Gold), and there’s no better time to indulge in gold than at Christmas!

Call me crazy, but just about every year, I edit my tree colors.  You can see how I manage to change my Christmas tree color scheme affordably over here.  I love Christmas decorating because it’s the chance to get creative and to mix things up.  For me, the fun I get out of that process outweighs the time I’d save by keeping things consistent every year. Last year, we had a mostly neutral tree with champagne, and the year before it was red and turquoise. I realize that this must sound totally ridiculous to most people, but it’s just something that makes me happy!

Gold and white Christmas collage

This year, I left those colors in the bins, and pulled only my white Christmas tree decorations, and anything that I already had in gold.  I also purchased a handful of new white and gold Christmas ornaments – like the white reindeer with gold antlers, and the white and gold nutcracker.

gold and white Christmas collage 2

Gosh, I think it’s been about 10 years since I’ve used some of those gold ornaments!  I certainly haven’t bought gold Christmas decor in a really long time.  While gold was out of favor for the past decade, I avoided it. These days, though, gold feels a lot different.  Paired with white and light hues (vs the rich ones back in the 90s like burgundy and forest green), gold Christmas decor no longer feels gaudy, but instead, fresh and modern.

Gold and white Christmas tree collage 3

You’ll also notice a few pops of pale blue in there too.  I absolutely love these blue Christmas bulbs, and couldn’t resist using them, even though I planned on just gold and white.  This happened last year too when they ended up on our neutral tree which eventually became “bleu-tral”!


Another difference this year is that I went ribbon-less. My Christmas tree is usually filled with ribbon, tulle and / or sinamay. (You can see my trick for putting ribbon on a tree over here. ) I’m not sure where ribbon would even have fit on this tree!  We scaled back on tree size this year – from a 9ft to a 7.5ft tree – because the monster tree was just too big for the space.  But this also meant the this tree got fuller a lot more quickly!

white and gold Christmas

Finally, I should mention that you’ll also find many ‘special’ collected Christmas tree ornaments in there too – including ones given to me by my parents over the years, a collection of owl decorations, and some sweet woodland creatures that the kids adore.  I mention this only because I know that ‘designer trees’ like this one sometimes get a bad rap as being superficial! Personally, I think a Christmas tree can be both color-coordinated and meaningful at the same time! There are lots of ornaments on here that I will include every year, regardless of the color scheme I chose. Our kids also have a really special tree of their own (see our Dr. Seuss-Inspired Christmas Tree), where we hang their hand-made decorations, and many things I’ve made along the way.

woodland decoration

So, do you have the same tree every year, or do you like to experiment with new colors and ideas?

I’ll be back again early next week with some more of our gold and white Christmas decor, and I’ll also show you how our Dr. Seuss Christmas tree looks this year! (Hint: I used a white tree!) Fun, fun!

Have a happy weekend,


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