31 Days of DIY Wall Art

3 Fashion-Friendly Wall Decor Ideas (Calendars, Shopping Bags and Shoeboxes – Who Knew?!?)

The past few days have been nutty here, so I’m running a little behind on my ’31 Days’ DIY Wall Art Project!  It was bound to happen ;-). In case you’re just joining in on the fun now, here’s a little cheat sheet on the do-it-yourself wall decor ideas I’ve covered so far:

Idea #1: Create a Free, Frame-able Family Monogram

Idea #2: Creating Gallery Walls: Grouping Things You Love

Idea #3: Wall Art from Greeting Cards

Idea #4: Plate-Obsessed! Using Decorative Plates for Wall Art

Idea #5: Wall Art from Scrapbook Paper & Stationary

Idea #6: Free Printable Wall Art

Idea #7: Embroidery Hoops as Wall Art

Idea #8: Creating sentimental wall art with loved mementos

Tonight I have three more fabulous wall art ideas to share, which will bring us up to 11 ideas so far.

Quick calculation: 31 subtract 11 = um, 20.  Yup, folks, that means I still have .20. more. ideas. to brainstorm in October.  I wish I could tell you that I had finalized the full list of ideas before I committed to the series, but I’m just not that organized!  How do I get myself into these things, anyway?  Not to worry. (You were weren’t you?!? lol). There are so many ways to create wall art easily and affordably that  I’m sure I can rise to the challenge!  [And, yes, in case you are wondering, I’ve written a two-paragraph introduction because I’m stalling ;-). ]

Just kidding! Check out these fab ideas for the fashionista in your life!

 Idea #9: ‘Prints’ from a Calendar

I just love how Wendy from The Shabby Nest sourced these vintage Barbie prints for her 8yo daughter’s room so affordably by using a 2012 calendar.  I happen to be a big Barbie fan (yup, me=dork). But even if you’re not into Barbie (anymore), you have to admit that the idea of using a calendar for framed art is pretty brilliant!.

Vintage Barbie Wall Decor

All photo credits to The Shabby Nest.


 Idea #10: Framed Shopping Bags!

When I first saw a picture of this idea on Pinterest, I loved it! What a super-creative use of designer shopping bags!   It took some detective work to trace the image back to its owner, Erica at Moth Design, but it it was worth the time.  I found a tour of her closet on her blog which is just a fabulous as the stores she shops at!    Can you say MAJOR CLOSET ENVY?!?

Framed Shopping Bags

All photo credits to Moth Design.

Idea #11: Shoebox Tops

Speaking of closets, what fashionista doesn’t have an abundance of annoying shoe boxes lying around?  As this clever example shows, you can easily make art with an authentic ‘canvas’-look simply by re-using shoe box tops!  These covers were painted in a chevron pattern using painters tape, but I’ve also seen an example where the tops were wrapped in fabric.

 Shoe box top wall art

All photo and tutorial credits to Spunky Junky blog.

Hope these ideas have inspired your inner-fashionista!

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      The Barbie prints project was from a fellow blogger, Wendy from The Shabby Nest. If you click the link in my post, it should take you over there and maybe she’s provided those details, or you could send her a note. Thanks for coming by! ~ Kerri